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Libya War: after Gaddafi I will be the leader

Stories and News No. 343 The Story: I will be … I was before too. The fact is that when someone says it, many do not hear, for various reasons. Demagoguery, rhetoric, bias, there are many words used to store it. On the other hand, you have to admit that if I am personally telling you, that deserves greater attention. Anyway, my words will remain here; ready to be denied at any time. So I defy you to do so. Not just today. Come back here tomorrow, if you have time. The day after tomorrow too. In a year or two, when you want. I know that time is my best witness. Time… As I said earlier, I was the leader of Libya before Gheddafi, even before this war. Or a humanitarian mission, as you prefer. Rather, let say a humanitarian war , so everyone is happy. That is the main reason of my power: I make everyone happy. Everyone that matters, of course. But let's get to the evidences. Of course you want evidence of what I say, isn’t it? I have come to light in Libya in early 1950. My coming br

Libya War or Peace Mission? Here is the answer

Stories and News No. 342 The Story: Once upon a time there was a country called Afghanistan. I know, maybe you expected Libya. However, a past story can serve to better understand the present. The past… Let’s say still actual, very actual. In 2001, the same today Good guys went in that country with the Operation named Enduring Freedom . It was a war or a peacekeeping mission? Some asked. Ten years later, many still wonder. Well, now here's the answer: This is a peace mission: This I think no: This is still a peace mission: This seems no: This is and always will be the only possible peace mission: I could be wrong, but I hope this will never be: The News: War is Peace. Sources : Emergency and Der Spiegel . Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News. Share the post:

Latest Libya war news: who are the good guys?

Stories and News No. 341 The Story: Dear Good guys , dear French, US and British governments, permanent members of UN Security Council , and dear leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal and South Africa, non-permanent members, who have voted in favor of Resolution 1973 . Dear all of you who have decided to ask the Bad guys – reading the Resolution - the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians . I am here to say thank you. Thank you for choosing to protect us from the Bad guys . Thank you for risking your own lives to save us from them. Thanks, in short, to be the Good ones. I am one of those civilians. Here, to be honest… not just those civilians. I am one of the others . I speak from one of the many countries where civilians, at this very moment, are suffering attacks, violence and abuse, just like the Libyans. Well, not just like… For many* of us are even worse… Ex

Super full Moon Berlusconi miracle photos

Stories and News No. 340 The Story: Someone said that Saturday, March 19, 2011, the moon will reach its closest point to earth after 19 years. So we will be able to enjoy a super full moon in the sky. Well, I know that science magazines as Focus say it is a hoax. Let me dream. God knows how much we need today to believe in dreams. I want to believe in mine. In my dream tomorrow the Super Giant Moon, after it entered the scene as an amazing actress or an exceptional dancer, will use its talent to draw upon itself the attention of my fellow citizens. All of them, without exception. What will its miracle be? That is easy to guess. It is the same that makes it huge, unbelievably huge. Indeed, the Super Moon will have the power to make everything bigger, so big it can no longer be ignored. Then, what this country is our duty to see without turning our gaze will appear next to it. Everything will be there, right ahead our eyes, every moment we will raise our heads. We will

Italy Minister Prestigiacomo nuclear expert

She has a Public Administration degree… Stories and News No. 339 The Story: Dear catastrophic people, do you want to stop exploiting Japan to bring grist to the mill of your hypocritical environmentalist battles? When will you end up with these alarms to provoke fears on weak minds? Hear what he Italian Environment Minister, Stefania Prestigiacomo , said : " Italy is following with dismay and concern the dramatic events in Japan, but the government line on the return to the nuclear system in Europe does not change. The fact that Italy has to start from the beginning is an advantage in terms of security, because you can use the latest technology in new plants ." Is it clear? We all feel dismay and concern at the photos and video from Fukushima nuclear plants, but that does not allow us to take this opportunity to spread psychological terrorism. The latest technologies, this is our response to challenges ahead. What did you say? The earthquake in Italy? Please, stop use your

Fukushima nuclear meltdown: why Silvio still pro nuclear plants

Stories and News No. 338 The Story: My name is Silvio. No, I am not him . I could be, but that is not a necessary and sufficient condition. Not this time. I am here to state that I am pro-nuclear . I am, no ifs or buts, as people say often today to underline the insolubility of their position. Do you want to know why? I tell you at the end. No one can insinuate that I am a last minute atom’s supporter. The origins of my beliefs go back exactly to those of the first nuclear reactors. Above all, I challenge you to prove I am ready to change my word at the first difficulties. For this reason too I can not be that Silvio… Nothing has so far succeeded to modify my point of view. For example, in August 21, 1945, in Los Alamos, New Mexico (United States), Harry Daghlian - a technician of the city's plant National Laboratory - had the misfortune of dropping two cubes of plutonium and carbide tungsten in the ground and died some days later because of radiation. But I did not change my min

Japan Earthquake terrifying video

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Women Day 2011: women who do not celebrate

Stories and News No. 337 Today, March 8, 2011, in Italy we have the centenary of International Women's Day . In fact, the first celebration occurred in 1911 just two years after the very first, held in the United States. In Italy the Women's Day is called the Feast of women . The Feast and the Day are different, isn’t it? Now, this morning I asked most of the girls I've met - of course those I know, I did not stop them in the road… if they celebrate the so-called Feast of women. 100% of them said no. These are the most common phrases: I celebrate it all year and there is nothing to celebrate here . Yet, while walking through the city traffic, I still saw everywhere bunches of mimosa (in Italy men usually offer it to women in this day). So I asked myself: is the Italian Women's Day celebrated only by men ? Apart from the provocation, after I asked myself another question: If I were a woman, I would celebrate the Feast of women? The Story: If I were a woman. If I were

Berlusconi escorts to Gaddafi opponent: an unorthodox solution

Stories and News No. 336 I read just now in the Telegraph that Silvio Berlusconi sent escorts to Gaddafi’s rival in view of the election of 2009 African Union leader, then won by the Libyan dictator. The British newspaper cites Nuri Al Mismari - a former aide of the latter - who explains the details of the bizarre action to Arab newspaper Ashaeq Al-Awsat, in Paris. The Gaddafi’s opponent was then persuaded to step aside thanks to the Mubarak’s granddaughter’s job. Al Mismari states that the situation was resolved with an unorthodox solution. Some may rightly think: that’s anything new; we may expect everything by that man. Someone else might add: stop talk about it, he gains power if you still attack him. Someone else will also be able to argue: so what? He sent a couple of whores to a friend. Don’t leftists use these things? Puritans hypocrites! And so on, as the script suggests. Well, once and for all, let’s twist this script. I still remember like it was yesterday - and I do not k