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Italy Minister Prestigiacomo nuclear expert

She has a Public Administration degree…

Stories and News No. 339

The Story:

Dear catastrophic people,
do you want to stop exploiting Japan to bring grist to the mill of your hypocritical environmentalist battles?
When will you end up with these alarms to provoke fears on weak minds?
Hear what he Italian Environment Minister, Stefania Prestigiacomo, said: "Italy is following with dismay and concern the dramatic events in Japan, but the government line on the return to the nuclear system in Europe does not change. The fact that Italy has to start from the beginning is an advantage in terms of security, because you can use the latest technology in new plants."
Is it clear? We all feel dismay and concern at the photos and video from Fukushima nuclear plants, but that does not allow us to take this opportunity to spread psychological terrorism.
The latest technologies, this is our response to challenges ahead.
What did you say? The earthquake in Italy?
Please, stop use your demagoguery…
What? The garbage in Naples?
These are bar talk, as the national soccer team: everyone feels to be entitled as the coach.
The reality is that the big questions, those that regards the whole population, must be managed by the best experts, the most talented professionals, with the right skills.
What? Minister Prestigiacomo? She is the Environment Minister, if you know what I mean.
None more than her has to deal with nuclear…
What are you asking now? Is she graduated?
Of course she is!
What subjects?
Wait, I control…
Here it is: Public Administration at the Free University Maria Santissima Assunta, with a thesis on international adoptions, are you happy?
What it has to do with the environment and especially the nuclear power?
I don’t know!
She is the Minister, not me…

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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