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Latest Libya war news: who are the good guys?

Stories and News No. 341

The Story:

Dear Good guys,
dear French, US and British governments, permanent members of UN Security Council, and dear leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal and South Africa, non-permanent members, who have voted in favor of Resolution 1973.
Dear all of you who have decided to ask the Bad guys – reading the Resolution - the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians.
I am here to say thank you.
Thank you for choosing to protect us from the Bad guys.
Thank you for risking your own lives to save us from them.
Thanks, in short, to be the Good ones.
I am one of those civilians.
Here, to be honest… not just those civilians.
I am one of the others.
I speak from one of the many countries where civilians, at this very moment, are suffering attacks, violence and abuse, just like the Libyans.
Well, not just like…
For many* of us are even worse…
Excluding Iraq and Afghanistan - who you have already helped… - and Palestine - where you have so much difficulty to arrive… - in addition to Libya, there are places where the death toll continues to rise day after day.
In the Middle East, in the region of Kurdistan (Turkey), 45,000 persons have died since 1984, in Yemen 16,000 Shiites since 2004, 300 Tribal from 2010 and 200 Separatists since 2009.
In Asia, Pakistan, in the region of Pashtunistan, 31,000 human beings died since 2004 and 1,800 in Balucistan since 2004.
In India, Kashmir, 68,000were killed since 1989, in the region of Assam 52,000 died since 1979 and in Naxaliti 13,000 since 1980.
In Burma, in the Karen region, there were 30,000 deaths since 1988.
20 died in Cambodia since 2008 and ever in Thailand, in the region of Pattani, 4,200 deaths since 2004.
In the Philippines, 41,000 New People's Army guerrillas were killed since 1969 and 71,000 people have died in Mindanao since 1984.
In the Koreas 200 died since 1953.
It is not over, but I go ahead.
I account in the patience of you, Good guys.
In Africa, Somalia, 10,500 people were massacred in 2006, in Ogaden, Ethiopia, 4,000 from 1994, in Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 6,000 since 2004.
100,000 died in Uganda since 1987.
In Darfur…
Do you know the Darfur, right?
In Darfur, Sudan, 300,000 died since 2003, only 400 since 2011 in the South.
In the Central African Republic 2,000 died since 2003, 2,000 in Chad since 2005, in Nigeria, in the Delta, since 1994 15,000 deaths and in Algeria – very next to Libya…200,000 died since 1992.
In Europe too!
Yes, in Russia, North Caucasus, 50,000 people have died since 1999.
Finally, in Latin America: 300,250 deaths since 1964 in Colombia and 32,000 since 2006 in Mexico.
Dear Good guys, as you saw the list over Libya is long.
I am not here to argue whether the Libyans had to be or not the first to help.
What matters is that as Good ones, you will come to me too.
You have to be hurry, because the Bad guys are winning, here.
The Bad guys are slaying us.
The Bad guys take advantage if the Good ones do not stop them.
The Bad guys…
Sorry, but… you are the Good guys, right?

(*Source: PeaceReporter).

Stories and news: “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired by “true” media News.

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