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Minister Maroni no Election Day: is he kidding?

Stories and News No. 334

Apparently, Maroni rejected the possibility of combining next administrative elections and planned referendum on nuclear power, the legitimate impediment law and public water in a single session, the so-called election day.
I see that there is also a committee, with lots of excellent subscriptions and online petition, which proposes a date: May 29 2011.
In summary, the Lega Nord Interior Minister gave the following reasons for his decision: "The referendum will be on June 12 according to an Italian tradition that has always distinguished the two dates."
In addition to this Committee, much of the opposition protest, saying this decision will provoke greater spending for the state.
That is our pockets.
We are talking about 300 million euros that with the Election Day would be spared.
The news will be obviously discussed, I hope especially by the Lega Nord supporters, those who inveigh against thieving Rome, the capital town of the waste, the central and lazy state that steal all the money to the north that works.
Now imagine a foreigner coming here for the first time.
Indeed, it’s better no.
Our absurd contradictions are now known anywhere in the world, thanks to the net.
So, take an alien just arrived in Italy, a tourist alien.
An immigrant alien is better not too.
Can you imagine the same Maroni? “We know that a billion of Martians are about to land on our cities. They are all unemployed, violent and even suspected Islamists.
Well, let’s figure that this alien tourist is particularly fond of the Northern League, which has aroused his sympathy since he was very young.
On the other hand, he has good reason, because his planet is called Padan and ever was hostile to Southern Star, which is considered a hotbed for lazy and dishonest slackers.
Impressed by this story of 300 million, the alien feels obliged to write to his wife…

The Story:

My dear,
I must say that if I had known before, I'd have saved the trip.
You know, with the crisis we have today, to take the ship through the universe is no longer a walk as it once was.
Blame the euro, they say here.
I do not know what the hell it means, but it seems to works as a scapegoat.
So, as you will recall, I left to come here in the country called Italy, to learn about the Northern League.
What can you do, thinking that in another galaxy there is a movement of creatures like me who hate the lazy people who live behind the working ones - and you know who I mean… - I was always passionate.
He also recalls how many of my friends and family dissuaded me from going.
Especially now I remind my father’s words: "Forget it, son," he told me the night before the launch. "It's better to stay with the dream. Then you touch things with one hand and you burn…"
What stubborn I was not to hearing him.
I could also say jerk, but I will not rage on myself.
The fact is that I had believed in that dream: the Northern League.
A group of people who come on the field to defend the traditions, culture, ground, and above all the work and its fruits by those who wish to enjoy it without lifting a finger, standing there, sitting on a chair.
And what do I read this morning?
One of the main narrators of that dream, one of the major leaders of that group, gives to the lazy people above 300 million euros, that here is a lot of money.
What a disappointment, a long way to find out what?
League politicians from here are like those who say they fight!
They talk, talk, but when it comes the right time, they are as all.
Now… a so terrible anxiety assailed me: if are ours kidding us too?

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