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Women Day 2011: women who do not celebrate

Stories and News No. 337

Today, March 8, 2011, in Italy we have the centenary of International Women's Day.
In fact, the first celebration occurred in 1911 just two years after the very first, held in the United States.
In Italy the Women's Day is called the Feast of women.
The Feast and the Day are different, isn’t it?
Now, this morning I asked most of the girls I've met - of course those I know, I did not stop them in the road… if they celebrate the so-called Feast of women.
100% of them said no.
These are the most common phrases: I celebrate it all year and there is nothing to celebrate here.
Yet, while walking through the city traffic, I still saw everywhere bunches of mimosa (in Italy men usually offer it to women in this day).
So I asked myself: is the Italian Women's Day celebrated only by men?
Apart from the provocation, after I asked myself another question: If I were a woman, I would celebrate the Feast of women?

The Story:

If I were a woman.
If I were an Italian woman I would know that today, 8 March, is my Feast.
However, reading the 2010 Global gender gap world ranking, drawn by the World Economic Forum, I would know that the following 73 countries have more reasons to celebrate than me:
1. Iceland
2. Norway
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. New Zealand
6. Ireland
7. Denmark
8. Lesotho
9. Philippines
10. Switzerland
11. Spain
12. South Africa
13. Germany
14. Belgium
15. United Kingdom
16. Sri Lanka
17. Netherlands
18. Latvia
19. United States
20. Canada
21. Trinidad and Tobago
22. Mozambique
23. Australia
24. Cuba
25. Namibia
26. Luxembourg
27. Mongolia
28. Costa Rica
29. Argentina
30. Nicaragua
31, Barbados
32. Portugal
33. Uganda
34. Moldova
35. Lithuania
36. Bahamas
37. Austria
38. Guyana
39. Panama
40. Ecuador
41. Kazakhstan
42. Slovenia
43. Poland
44. Jamaica
45. Russian Federation
46. France
47. Estonia
48. Chile
49. Macedonia
50. Bulgaria
51. Kyrgyz Republic
52. Israel
53. Croatia
54. Honduras
55. Colombia
56. Singapore
57. Thailand
58. Greece
59. Uruguay
60. Peru
61. China
62. Botswana
63. Ukraine
64. Venezuela
65. Czech Republic
66. Tanzania
67. Romania
68. Malawi
69. Paraguay
70. Ghana
71. Slovak Republic
72. Vietnam
73. Dominican Republic

Well, since that and if I were a woman, an Italian woman, when confronted with a smiling boy with a mimosa in his hand, I think I could be dangerous.
What luck to be a man, here…

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