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William and Kate wedding waste: cost of the show

The world media is now flooded with marriage between the so-called 'Prince' William and Kate Middleton. Newspapers, television, the ceremony is on the top news all over the planet. On the web, everywhere you had the chance to follow the live of the wedding, even on Youtube , right in the channel of the British royal family. I'll be venal, but the first question I asked myself is this: how much does this show cost ? Well, it seems that we are talking about 70 million, almost 80 million € . Wow. In times of crisis, is not it a bit too much? "It’s their business," the fanatic liberal with the ass on the upper floors that passes here might say. "They have money and spend it as they wish." Well, it is not like that… Those 80 million euros will not come all from royal family’s pocket. Let’s read this bill. Only for the security , the wedding costs 33 million, about 40 million € . According to Sir Paul Stephenson, deputy commissioner of Scotland Yard, at least

YouCat: 10 prohibited sex questions on catechism

Stories and News No. 345 The Story: 1 . If Catholic priests cannot have sex, what authority they have to speak about? 2 . If God has given humanity the pleasure of sex, what man has the right to ban it? 3 . If this man is part of an institution guilty of the terrible sin of abuse on a child – trying to hide too, what consistent he has to indicate the right way? 4 . Why most of the politicians close to the Catholic Church are divorced and sexually promiscuous? 5 . Why sex is so important to you? 6 . Maybe because you cannot do? 7 . If two people come to marriage without doing sex and discover they do not know how to enjoy it, do you teach them? 8 . How can you do if you have never enjoyed? 9 . If God loves me, should not rejoice at my pleasure? 10 . If you truly love your people, you should not feel the same joy? Here is the video . The News: YouCat, Italian catechism edition temporarily suspended. Stories and news : “invented” Stories, fruit of my imagination, inspired

I am not communist

Stories and News No. 344 I am convinced that the biggest hit of Silvio Berlusconi is having convinced most of his voters - and not only – that who criticizes him do because he is communist… The Story: I'm not a communist. I'm not communist if I think that in my country law should be equal for all. And I do not think of being a communist if I’d whish to see this principle also respected by the current Italy Prime Minister. I'm not communist if I think that, whatever our policy regard to foreigners who come to our country is, we should never lose the respect of human rights. And I do not think of being a communist if I consider my actual government not able to comply with that value. I am not communist if I think that, while we see increasing youth unemployment, the recent request to double the contributions to political parties is comparable to a theft. And I do not think of being a communist, regardless of whether it is approved or not, I always feel excessive these con

Lampedusa shipwreck, missing immigrants: good news

This morning I make my blog even more unpopular. I read that last night a vessel carrying at least 200 people sank near Lampedusa Island. As far as the Italian Coast Guard report, 47 were rescued, while about 150 are still missing. I said people because at least on this blog they are people, or humans. Then I read the update of the tragedy: the missing down to 130, as 20 corpses have been sighted at sea. Now I said corpses. A corpse is a corpse, even if an illegal immigrant rather than a refugee. Well, let's be honest, okay? There is racism in our country, in many people. How many, I wonder, how many front of the TV - because most people are there that takes 100% of the information - looking at the images from Lampedusa has heard a bit, I repeat, a tiny bit of compassion for those people? I am talking about compassion, true compassion, in the belly and not just with words. Oh yes, because the only words of the so-called good thinking person is the ideal justification for explicit