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Manal Al-Sharif free to drive

Stories and News No. 348 Manal Al-Sharif is an activist woman fighting for the rights of women in Saudi Arabia. She was arrested for violating the ban on women driving uploading to YouTube a video of her on a car: The Story: Manal Al-Sharif is free to drive. It would be as part of her rights. She is adult and capable of discernment. An Italian macho motto says: Woman driving, a constant danger. Well, apart from such ‘clever’ proverbs, as a woman, Manal is free to drive for a fact of simple logic: the logic of the facts. We have just take a look, even fast, to the last thirty years... Simply watching the consequences of driving by many men. What good has the government by a man as Saddam Hussein brought to his country? And what will a man like Gaddafi leave to his fellows? What have Egyptian people tolerated before man Mubarak’s end? And as for Tunisian people until being free of the man Ben Ali? What did Arab people gain through the passage on this earth - real or perceived – by

The New York Times Names of the Dead

Stories and News No. 347 The Story: Once upon a time there was the New York Times of May 17, 2011. I am referring to the online version. Whatever you may think, we're always talking about the New York Times, not the Duckburg Newspaper, with all due respect for its editor uncle Scrooge. Just to remember, the NYT has won 106 Pulitzer Prizes. So, reaching its home means being on the roof of the world information. There are people who would give anything for that privilege, isn’t it? How many of us would sacrifice something of value in exchange for an immediate popularity? A flourish, a sensational action, an unforgettable exploit and here come the paparazzi shots. "I saw you yesterday in the newspaper! I read about you! Do you know that you're photogenic? " And so on, pumping vanity in that constantly thirsty ego. However, in all things there is always a catch, in New York Times home too. For example, consider the world news section . What a success being

News Syria protests: invisible deaths to the hypocrites

If you have strong stomach and heart I invite you to watch this video: It dates back to March 23. It is not Libya, Tunisia and even Egypt. That is Syria. According to Wikipedia , since young people began to take to the streets against the government, guilty of violating their rights, the President’s soldiers killed more than 600 civilians , hundreds were injured and at least 8,000 were arrested for the sin of daring to publicly express their dissent. Only yesterday 300 persons were taken away from their houses and today, the so called day of the confrontation , the tension is rising to the stars. However, Syria does not threaten Europe with its immigrants . Syria does not have enough oil to aspire to the newspapers headlines. Syria is a country with an insufficient democracy , but not enough people have died so far to move our compassion. This is the reason why to many, many more than you can imagine, Syria does not exist . Nothing happened to be so significant, forcing us

Osama Bin Laden death does not make the world safer

“ The world is safer. It is a better place because of the death of Osama bin Laden .” This was the first comment from the U.S. president Barack Obama, after the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s killing. I will not dwell on all the theories that in these hours are spreading profusely about conspiracies on the dynamics of the facts, such as that on the corpse in the sea. Hence the most popular question: is Bin Laden dead or not ? In my humble opinion, this is not the main thing. What matters is what both the Americans and the rest of the world believe : the number one villain has been deleted from the story . This is the content of the message and for that worthy of interest. Listening to Obama's remark, my question is this: has Bin Laden’s death made the world a better and safer place ? From a purely logical point of view, anyone could say that the answer is obvious. The killing of a villain, a very bad as Osama, erases the most terrible terrorist in recent years and so it should

Osama Bin Laden dead? Successor is in Italy: photo

Stories and News No. 346 The Story: I have Bin Laden’s successor: Fake Osama Bin Laden dead picture Like Osama , he began working in construction . And like Osama, he had more than one wife. Like Osama , as a young man he has decided to stand against the Communists . And like Osama , since that time he had the support of big powers, like the United States , officially or unofficially. Like Osama , he has increased his involvement in the fight by joining a powerful secret organization . And like Osama in 1998, he has showed public opposition to his detractors with an edict or fatwa. Like Osama since 2001, he speaks through questionable videos . And like Osama 's beard, he is analyzed on color and length of his hair. Like Osama , he has always been the subject of confirmations and denials on his statements, appearances, and in general everything about him. And like Osama , he is obsessed by his enemies, always present in his public speeches. Like Osama, he claims t