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News Syria protests: invisible deaths to the hypocrites

If you have strong stomach and heart I invite you to watch this video:

It dates back to March 23.
It is not Libya, Tunisia and even Egypt.
That is Syria.
According to Wikipedia, since young people began to take to the streets against the government, guilty of violating their rights, the President’s soldiers killed more than 600 civilians, hundreds were injured and at least 8,000 were arrested for the sin of daring to publicly express their dissent.
Only yesterday 300 persons were taken away from their houses and today, the so called day of the confrontation, the tension is rising to the stars.
However, Syria does not threaten Europe with its immigrants.
Syria does not have enough oil to aspire to the newspapers headlines.
Syria is a country with an insufficient democracy, but not enough people have died so far to move our compassion.
This is the reason why to many, many more than you can imagine, Syria does not exist.
Nothing happened to be so significant, forcing us to divide between pacifists and warmongers.
As the stomach when it is already full, even hypocrisy has its limits…

Hillary Clinton's dinner in Rome after the conference about Libya
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