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Saudi Arabia Women vote but 10 lashes if drive

Stories and News No. 350 The Story : From the official speech by the king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud : "My dear Saudi ladies, I speak to all of you, now. I'm here to tell you that the moment of change you've been waiting has finally arrived. We decided, after consultation with our advisers and other religious, to include women as members in the Shura from next session. In short, you can vote in four years! Are there any comments?" A respectfully veiled woman raise her hand. "Please, dear. Tell us as well. " "Your majesty, I wanted to say I am very happy to be able to vote. I cannot wait to take the car and go to the voting station ... " "W-What is this woman saying?" The king asks to an adviser. "She is pleased to vote…" "No! After..." "Ah... she cannot wait to take the car and..." "The car? The car?! Whip her!" As they say, this is the king’s word … The News ( Arab News

11 september 2011: we are all Somali

Stories and News No. 349 The Story: The 11 september 2001 attacks caused nearly 3,000 victims . “ We are all Americans ”, many said in the world. Two ‘peace wars’ arrived, Afghanistan and Iraq, after that. After ten years, UN declared : More than 750,000 people will die of starvation in Somalia in the next four months unless urgent help arrives within weeks . I say: we are all Somali . This time we don’t need to make war. Just help … The News: (The Telegraph ): Famine spreads with 750,000 at risk of death in Somalia alone.