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Italy Republic day parade June 2 2012

Stories and News No. 461 The 2012 Italian Republic Day parade, despite the cuts, will cost nearly 3 million euros . Yet, according to William Beveridge : " The object of government in peace and in war is not the glory of rulers or of races, but the happiness of the common man ." For this reason, I would use that money to rebuild the houses of the quake victims in Northern Italy: Share the post:

Italy earthquake 2012 woman rescued video

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Diamond Jubilee cost vs Child poverty in UK

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Pope's butler Paolo Gabriele video The Butler Code

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Back soon

Nato summit Chicago protest: end Nato end Poverty

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Minority births outnumber white births: racists cry

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Ratko Mladić trial video the jury

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Paul Watson arrested video under the sea

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Greek debt crisis news: PIIGS leave Europe of the Banks

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Prince Charles weather parody fart

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Mitt Romney Backwards on Equality parody gay dance

Dancing shows the truth about everybody... Share the post:

Obama gay marriage stance video: crazy mother reaction

Stories and News No. 450 "He was weak!" she cried to her daughter. "He was weak!" Really? Share the post:

Queen's speech 2012 parliament video: We Want Sex Equality

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Kelly Thomas video beating

Stories and News No. 448 The police... to serve and protect who? About Kelly Thomas Share the post:

Golden dawn neo nazi Greece: Hitler reloaded

Stories and News No. 447 These nice people want to force immigrants into work camps and plant landmines along Turkish border... Share the post:

Freedom of the press release 2012: 6 billion slaves in the world

Stories and News No. 446 " Only 14.5 Percent of People Have Access to Free Press " Courtney Radsch, Freedom House Share the post: