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Hugh Grant: Berlusconi danger to democracy video

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Colorado fire 2012 family escape video

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Science it's a girl thing sexist video parody

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Police beating woman Tel Aviv video protest Maya Gorkin

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Bus monitor bullied Karen Klein video

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Joe the plumber gun control caused Holocaust video parody

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Balotelli Bonucci shut up video

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The future of my people

Stories and News No. 472 A dialogue between uncle and nephew on an old sea boat, which can help us to give a different meaning to the words community outsider, immigrant and clandestine. THE FUTURE OF MY PEOPLE By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher On a ship. On the sea. Somewhere. "Uncle Amadou?" "Yes ..." "Uncle?" "Yes." "Are you listening?" "Yes I am." "But you're not looking at me ..." The man turns round to satisfy his nephew. "Don't worry," he says, raising his left eyebrow, "my ears work well even without the help of my eyes ..." And he turns to study the waves. The boy, not much more than six years old, looks at him doubtfully; however, he trusts him and starts again: "Uncle ... do you know Italian well?" "Of course, I've already been there twice." "Do you really know all the words?" "Naturally, Ousmane." The nephew looks round, as if he wer

Israel Gaza blockade legal? 50 aid groups say no

Stories and News No. 471 Fifty international aid groups and United Nations agencies urged Israel on Thursday to open Gaza’s borders, saying its border blockade violates international law and indiscriminately harms Gaza’s 1.6 million people ( New York Times ). The video : Share the post:

Euro 2012 Russian Polish Clash video

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Cassano gay Italy team video shock truth

Stories and News No. 469 Antonio Cassano says he hopes there are no gay players on Italy team . Really? Share the post:

God is gay

Stories and News No. 468 Imagine that the God of Christians is homosexual, and so Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Let's assume, also, that in this different world the Catholic Church and all its believers consider homosexual marriage as the only true natural act. Now let’s suppose to live inside this alien society as heterosexual. Men or women, we would be physically attracted to persons of the opposite sex. Sooner or later we could fall in love with a girl or a boy. And maybe we could also feel the desire to give further meaning to our love giving birth to another life. So imagine that what best represents our humanity - the love for a partner and the desire to accompany the existence of a child - is hated by a great and hostile mass of people, formed by governments, institutions, politicians, ministers of religion, fervent believers and many ordinary people. Well, being hetero, I feel extremely lucky knowing that this story is only the fruit of my invention… Share the post:

David Cameron daughter Nancy Pub Alone spoof

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Racist chants Dutch soccer team training video

Stories and News No. 467 Update 2012 June 12: the ban was overturned and the video is back, I am happy and I thank Youtube team. Share the post:

Far-right Golden Dawn MP assault women video

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Vampire Skeletons Bulgaria Creepy Photos

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Snow White and the Huntsman Seven Dwarfs uncovered

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