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God is gay

Stories and News No. 468

Imagine that the God of Christians is homosexual, and so Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
Let's assume, also, that in this different world the Catholic Church and all its believers consider homosexual marriage as the only true natural act.
Now let’s suppose to live inside this alien society as heterosexual.
Men or women, we would be physically attracted to persons of the opposite sex.
Sooner or later we could fall in love with a girl or a boy.
And maybe we could also feel the desire to give further meaning to our love giving birth to another life.
So imagine that what best represents our humanity - the love for a partner and the desire to accompany the existence of a child - is hated by a great and hostile mass of people, formed by governments, institutions, politicians, ministers of religion, fervent believers and many ordinary people.
Well, being hetero, I feel extremely lucky knowing that this story is only the fruit of my invention…

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