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Summer break

The dark knight rises trailer 4 Silvio Berlusconi

Stories and News No. 487 From the most incredible country in the world, where reality does not overcome imagination, it is the latter that has no intention of winning, here is the epic conclusion to the Legend of the Dark Knight: Share the post:

Lucky miss Russian man video

Stories and News No. 486 Share the post:

Shark steals fish from a woman video parody

Stories and News No. 485 Share the post:

Russian Wikipedia shuts down protest video

Stories and News No. 484 English: Share the post:

Taliban shoot woman 9 times video

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5 year old swimming with sharks video with piranhas anacondas Godzilla

Stories and News No. 482 The Barnes family posted the video on YouTube last month, showing their daughter, Anaia, swimming in shallow waters off the Bahamas... Share the post:

Israeli police officer kicks palestinian child video

Stories and News No. 481 Israeli rights group B'Tselem released this video from Hebron on Monday : Share the post:

Horse abuse video Reno Rodeo

Stories and News No. 480 Footage of rodeo horses receiving electric shocks... Help SHARK to stop this! Share the post: