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M13 bear Switzerland shot: Paradise arrive

Stories and News No. 571

"There is a paradise for us too?" M13, the bear just killed asked.
"Only for of us, my friend," the beaver replied.
"Sure. After death everything is for us. For them there is nothing."
"By them you mean humans, right?"
"Who else? Come, I'll show you what a paradise we have. "
"And what about God?"
"I do not understand..."
"There is no God? The God of animals?"
"What do you need for?"
"Well, to confess my sins, deliver my soul, the usual stuff, you know..."
"Listen, the humans have to worry about those things. We are animals, we experience all life under the dominion of humanity. Do you wish to pass your after life under their gods? No way. Here we do as we please."
"Just as the written entrance..." he remembered the bear.
"Exactly. Here we do as we please."
In peace…

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