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Barilla gay family ads spot video satire parody

Stories and News No. 597 " I am for the traditional family, I will never realize a commercial with gay people," Guido Barilla said , chairman of the known multinational. "For us, the concept of family is sacred," he added, " it remains one of the company's core values . Health (?), the concept of family. We will not make a gay commercial because ours is a traditional family." Not satisfied, he has annotated: "The family we are addressing to it is a classic one. The woman has a fundamental role, is the cultural center of structural life of this family." Dear Guido, why only homosexuals? Come on, be brave. Here's a suggestion for the best traditional ads : Lunch time, dining room. In the foreground there is a table set. It’s Sunday, the most sacred and traditional day. The woman, the cultural center of the structural life of the traditional family, after having been lost all morning to cook for her husband and sons, appears in

Chinese mother woken from coma by her son kiss video

Stories and News No. 596 Gao Qianbo is 2 years old. He was born from a mother in a coma due to an accident and since then has chewing food for her. By reversing the roles lovingly as only a child could do. And a day like any other his mother opened her eyes and smiled... Wake up. Wake up, Mom. Stop sleeping. It's time to return. We left for a while. But I've waited, as you would have done with me. Running back and expecting my arrival. Encouraging me. First, second or last too, here is the victory. Our victory. Anyway. Wake up. Come on, Mom. Open your eyes and do not worry about the past. What it is not and never will be. I laughed and cried for you too. Believe me, I've noted all for you. Views and worth mentioning moments. Rejoice and be glad because the day when I'll tell you everything is close. And then, when you will think of the dark past two years, it will be insignificant as a blink of an eye in the morning. But not just any morni

Police officer kills black man video storytelling

Stories and News No. 595 Let’s bury all Another case Trayvon Martin in the USA, that is how many newspapers have started the news. The problem is the adjective another. Jonathan Ferrell was 24 years old and was killed by a police officer who shot 12 times. What was Jonathan sin? He thought of having the right to ask for help after a car accident. Oh, I forgot one thing, sorry. Jonathan was African-American. In a video message, his mother said: "I do not want to bury my son. My son should bury me..." However, he is gone. So it goes. Well, if this grave must have a sense, let’s fill it as it deserves, once and for all. We buried a guy with infinite lives ahead, since many possibilities were waiting for him on the horizon. But with him, let’s bury the idiocy of the newspapers, the television, the cinema too, and also the books, when painting the black with the most mendacious captions. Bad, dangerous, dishonest, enemy, to be feared and rejected. Let’s bury w

Ugliest animals ever in the world Blobfish video acceptance speech

Stories and News No. 594 Blobfish has been voted as the ugliest animal in the world and this is his acceptance speech : About the merits Ladies and gentlemen, All kind voters, And especially you, ugly animals on this planet that I have contended my recognition. I would like in particular to share this time with the hideous frog scrotum and the deformed proboscis monkey. They gave me a hard time and I realize that, looking at them, it was a good fight. Indeed, an ugly one, if I let pass the trivial word game. Thanks, this is what I say now. Thanks to all of you, because precisely this award brought me here, right now, to keep this speech. It is a special occasion and I'm not going to waste it. The merits. I would like, if I may, list the merits of us, ugly creatures in this world. Merits which most of you benefit daily. Even now, at this very moment. I start with the most obvious, but not to those like myself. Thanks to the ugly, the beautiful are. And it i

Multicultural education school video: the perfect classroom

Stories and News No. 593 Once upon a time there were two parents. They had an only son, and, as almost always happens, both had placed on him hope in the future. In the past, when becoming a mother or father was just a word waved on the horizon, these expectations had become precious, especially for dark clouds of mistrust and fear following them along their respective paths. That is typical. So, the first day of school arrived. But with it, the clouds above were further blackened, predicting storms and cloudbursts without any mercy. The cause of this fatal nightmare was identical for both. Their little child would have been alone and helpless in the midst of an entire class of strangers. It was unacceptable to them and so they decided to transfer him to another school. As if to say, less contaminated. We are not racists, they said. We love our son, that’s it. Who could blame us? The following year, in the day starting the new journey between books and lessons, the infan

Largest volcano on earth Tamu Massif video storytelling

Stories and News No. 592 The largest volcano on earth is Tamu Massif , the Mauna Loa in Hawaii is no longer the king. Until today we celebrated the latter for its 5,180 km square area, when in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, east of Japan, there is a giant of 310 thousand square kilometers . How worshipping a solitary firework with the big bang behind. Well, this was only the beginning. The largest of the volcanoes is ready to show us what escapes our myopic eyes. Tamu is the king of wonders. The secret ones... Secret until now . As the most beautiful woman in the world, finally coming to light. The true light. I am not talking about the television studios bright and even less the false sunny that illuminates the walkways of the fashion shows. She was simply out of the sea, moving a foot on a beach like so many of the Mediterranean. Yes, you read right, indeed. And you have you seen with equal precision. The most beautiful woman in the world is an immigrant. Clandest

Syria war video 2013 story of Ashur and Lilith

Stories and News No. 591 According to United Nations ( July), the Syrian civil war has caused over 100.000 dead. On the eve of another mission of peace, preventive war or whatever you want to call it - once again led by the United States, two children , two cousins , orphaned of their parents and brothers , play in a refugee camp. Ashur is eight years old and his father died fighting against Assad. Lilith is seven and his dad deceased on the other side of the fence. That also happens in so-called civil wars. "What are you drawing?" Lilith asks. "A hand." "What hand?" "The hand of a man." "I like it," Lilith says. "It looks real." " It is real." The wind that caresses them is warm and unaffectionate. This does not prevent them from approaching each other. Despite all. "Are you happy?" Lilith demands. "About what?" "The Americans, Americans are coming." "Why s

Italy I would like to see video storytelling

Stories and News No. 590 This story is in my book “Il dono della diversit√†” ( The gift of diversity ), Tempesta Editore, Rome. Italy I would like to see Italy I would like to see is nothing extraordinary. It is not the adolescent dream of a naive and deluded guy. It is also not a perfect country , such as the stories with inevitable happy ending. Living in a perfect country would make no sense to me. I love to get up in the morning knowing that there is something to fight for. Something to make better. Starting with myself, of course. Italy I would like to see is not the richest nation on the planet. The people buried on this earth taught me that although without any money, especially without it, you are able to create such wonderful works, thanks to that inestimable gift which is called imagination. That imagination that is priceless, so you cannot buy it on ebay. That same imagination which made me be here now, literally. Italy I would like to see is not heaven.