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Barilla gay family ads spot video satire parody

Stories and News No. 597

"I am for the traditional family, I will never realize a commercial with gay people," Guido Barilla said, chairman of the known multinational. "For us, the concept of family is sacred," he added, " it remains one of the company's core values . Health (?), the concept of family. We will not make a gay commercial because ours is a traditional family."
Not satisfied, he has annotated: "The family we are addressing to it is a classic one. The woman has a fundamental role, is the cultural center of structural life of this family."
Dear Guido, why only homosexuals?
Come on, be brave.
Here's a suggestion for the best traditional ads:

Lunch time, dining room.
In the foreground there is a table set.
It’s Sunday, the most sacred and traditional day.
The woman, the cultural center of the structural life of the traditional family, after having been lost all morning to cook for her husband and sons, appears in the doorway, to call them.
"Pasta is ready," she exclaims.
Pasta Barilla, needless to say.
Well, no… cut!
Let’s come back one frame.
We dare, Guido, we dare.
The woman, the center you know, does not waste her breath and rings a bell.
A few seconds and an exotic waiter arrives breathless.
"Tell the lord and little children that pasta is ready," the lady orders.
He goes away, while the woman decides to bring pasta to the table.
Pasta Barilla, of course.
Oops, cut!
I said to dare, Guido, right?
Let’s back to the exit of the waiter.
The woman sounds twice the bell and the maid emerges from the kitchen. She is also inevitably foreign.
Otherwise, we would not have a sacred and traditional classic family spot.
"Bring pasta on the table," the woman orders.
A few moments ago the children make their entrance into the living room.
Three blond kids, all beautiful, cheerful and extremely polite.
Thanks to sedatives, but we do not have to say it.
What about the father?
"Where is my husband?" the woman asks.
"The Chinese caregiver is offering him a massage," the waiter replied.
That is tradition, Guido, isn’t it?
The lord has his own needs and, among other things, whether the woman is the cultural center of the structural life of the classic family, who cheats?
Cheats… then, who spoke of betrayal? I said massage, let imply, let the spectators to insinuate.
That is the advantage of the classic traditional and sacral family: everything you see is perfect. The rest are lies and, as the motto says, if the carpet is great you may put all dust under.
And our traditional sacral carpet is huge, right?
Finally the lord comes, looking relaxed and smiling like a bully.
This is the privilege of those who are not the cultural center of the structural life of the traditional sacral family.
"Serve the pasta ", the woman orders to the maid.
Pasta Barilla, it is clear.
And good appetite.
"When even their larder will be empty and they will remain only with the classical and traditional sacred family, these people will have just one chance to survive," the waiter murmured to the maid.
"They will eat each other," she said.
Guido, do you like this pulp final?
And I did not us the gays.
Are you happy?

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