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Chinese mother woken from coma by her son kiss video

Stories and News No. 596

Gao Qianbo is 2 years old.
He was born from a mother in a coma due to an accident and since then has chewing food for her.
By reversing the roles lovingly as only a child could do.
And a day like any other his mother opened her eyes and smiled...

Wake up.
Wake up, Mom.
Stop sleeping.
It's time to return.
We left for a while.
But I've waited, as you would have done with me.
Running back and expecting my arrival.
Encouraging me.
First, second or last too, here is the victory.
Our victory.

Wake up.
Come on, Mom.
Open your eyes and do not worry about the past.
What it is not and never will be.
I laughed and cried for you too.
Believe me, I've noted all for you.
Views and worth mentioning moments.
Rejoice and be glad because the day when I'll tell you everything is close.
And then, when you will think of the dark past two years, it will be insignificant as a blink of an eye in the morning.
But not just any morning.
Do you know the beginning of those days that already have been wonderful just thinking about the night before, imagining the happiness that awaits on the horizon?
The birthday, the end of that year or the beginning of next?

Wake up, my mother.
Because that day is today.
So we’ll remember it forever.
The day called today.
When a day is today among many, all, how much can a blink of an eye count?
And if that blessed day could perform the miracle repeating again and again, don’t you think we would still be fortunate souls in the real darkness of the world?
The real darkness does not envy the light because it did not know what color it is.
That's why we can only celebrate a natural act we never will consider such.
Eyes open into each other.
Your voice in me.
My hands on your shoulders.
A single smile.

Wake up.
Wake up, Mom.
And come to the world.

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