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Largest volcano on earth Tamu Massif video storytelling

Stories and News No. 592

The largest volcano on earth is Tamu Massif, the Mauna Loa in Hawaii is no longer the king.
Until today we celebrated the latter for its 5,180 km square area, when in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, east of Japan, there is a giant of 310 thousand square kilometers .
How worshipping a solitary firework with the big bang behind.
Well, this was only the beginning.
The largest of the volcanoes is ready to show us what escapes our myopic eyes.
Tamu is the king of wonders.
The secret ones...
Secret until now .
As the most beautiful woman in the world, finally coming to light.
The true light.
I am not talking about the television studios bright and even less the false sunny that illuminates the walkways of the fashion shows.
She was simply out of the sea, moving a foot on a beach like so many of the Mediterranean.
Yes, you read right, indeed.
And you have you seen with equal precision.
The most beautiful woman in the world is an immigrant.
Clandestine and refugee.
Call and insult her how you prefer.
You cannot avoid admiring her.
Falling in love for her.

Tomorrow the world's richest child will be on all the news.
Not him, his name, but not him.
Not his face.
You will know he exists, but you will not know the contours of his happy face.
Above all, you will skip the amount of his wealth.
Diamonds? Oil ? Shares?
Nobody will be able to tell you the reasons for his opulence.
You will know he exists and that he is happy.
You will know he exists but you'll never find him.
Because he stood up and began to walk, over there, to the south of our generosity. Beyond the boundaries of our solidarity.
Because he has stopped dying for us.

The oldest man in the world is not dead, simply .
Neither the first nor the last .
Because when we learned of the death of anyone among them, he have only pretended to leave this world.
As the old man who preceded him, and his successor, the shrewd ancient guy has just closed the curtain.
And as who has shared the stage at least once well knows, when the two tents kiss each other and the lights turn off, it does not mean that life stops beyond them.
That is the secret life of wonders, sons and daughters of King Tamu.
Hidden from the crowd with nose and eyes up toward what makes more noise.
Now, let the real music begins...

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