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Police officer kills black man video storytelling

Stories and News No. 595

Let’s bury all

Another case Trayvon Martin in the USA, that is how many newspapers have started the news.
The problem is the adjective another.
Jonathan Ferrell was 24 years old and was killed by a police officer who shot 12 times.
What was Jonathan sin? He thought of having the right to ask for help after a car accident.
Oh, I forgot one thing, sorry.
Jonathan was African-American.
In a video message, his mother said: "I do not want to bury my son. My son should bury me..."
However, he is gone.
So it goes.
Well, if this grave must have a sense, let’s fill it as it deserves, once and for all.
We buried a guy with infinite lives ahead, since many possibilities were waiting for him on the horizon.
But with him, let’s bury the idiocy of the newspapers, the television, the cinema too, and also the books, when painting the black with the most mendacious captions.
Bad, dangerous, dishonest, enemy, to be feared and rejected.
Let’s bury with Jonathan the fear, that pestilential and obtuse carcinogen mixture that has invaded the stomach and the heart of many, too many, unable to see anything beyond the skin.
But this time seriously, we have to remove the tumor.
Because there is a universe to be discovered over the appearance.
It's not all good, I am not going to tell you lies.
Nevertheless, I expose myself and I am ready to stake my life in the promise that it is not less human than us.
Let’s bury the stranger and all deceptive words that imprison the wings of our imagination.
That is not fantasy, the one that works on the stage of our minds always giving the usual spurious version of reality. It is instead a cheating creature, a pathetic swindler who is ever preparing the same dish.
Good on one side and evil on the other, well separated by an infant and rhetorical emptiness.
Let’s bury next to the young man the bigotry that we have in our DNA showing us the only two colors that our castrated vision allows.
The white on one side and black on the other, well divided by a underhand and sadistic fullness.
Someone is gaining from this farce, behind the many.
Someone feeds on this foolish illusion, walking among many.
In the meantime, we are missing the wonderful spectacle of what was not.
And never will be.
As a 24 years old boy who becomes a man, a companion, a father and so on.
Let’s bury all, be courageous.
Let’s bury all that makes us potential murderers, just as the agent who fired 12 shots.
Only then the inhuman death will have a sense.
And the life of the world can truly be its opposite.

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