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Ugliest animals ever in the world Blobfish video acceptance speech

Stories and News No. 594

Blobfish has been voted as the ugliest animal in the world and this is his acceptance speech:

About the merits

Ladies and gentlemen,
All kind voters,
And especially you, ugly animals on this planet that I have contended my recognition.
I would like in particular to share this time with the hideous frog scrotum and the deformed proboscis monkey.
They gave me a hard time and I realize that, looking at them, it was a good fight.
Indeed, an ugly one, if I let pass the trivial word game.
Thanks, this is what I say now.
Thanks to all of you, because precisely this award brought me here, right now, to keep this speech.
It is a special occasion and I'm not going to waste it.
The merits.
I would like, if I may, list the merits of us, ugly creatures in this world.
Merits which most of you benefit daily.
Even now, at this very moment.
I start with the most obvious, but not to those like myself.
Thanks to the ugly, the beautiful are.
And it is always about the ugliest in the world that even those who are not so beautiful just feel better thinking about us looking in the mirror.
Thanks to us so many get rich by selling alleged miraculous remedies and spells to no longer be so.
It is also for the merits of the ugliest in the world that often too many, mocking us, hide the soul’s dust under their skin’s carpet.
The invisible ugliness.
And thanks to us some of you live as privileged people convinced that everything is about anything besides the case.
A beautiful case, I have no doubt.
It is again for the merits of the ugliest among us that even the saddest person in the world is able to laugh at our clumsy face.
Perhaps this is the only time that my peers and I are happy to be who we are.
Hopelessly ugly.
I could go on but I will stop here, because I assume my words are enough to remind you to appreciate the wonders you enjoy, leaving even the most limited space in your memory to the realization that it would not be such without their opposite.
Ugly, poor, lonely, hungry, thirsty, discriminated, and so on, ingredients making a counterpoint to the fortunes of humanity.
Blessed daughters of his majesty fate…

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