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Bear killed with shotgun video forgiveness

Stories and News No. 598

A bear called M2 was found dead in the woods near Trento, in Italy, victim of a bullet.
A vindictive shot.
The usual eye for an eye.
What primitive crime?
Probably having devoured donkeys and heifers.
You may read hungry.
My grandmother told me that in times of crisis there is no greater sin than hunger.
However, it happens that, in the stories sometimes I ask help to, often on this blog, the world tips.
So, the killer have to atone, not the victim.
And if he does not, here I am.
Just here.
I'm sorry, M2.
Forgive me.
I ask forgiveness on behalf of my fellow man, so to speak, that ripped you from the forest.
From your forest.
Because, since immemorial time the forest is still animals land.
I know these words will not bring you back to life.
I know that the power of words is not so extraordinary.
But here, as long as it remain within this page, words are like live.
And then, as if I can, I take all the energy in my body, with no brakes, with every freedom of ink to write your name, my wonder of nature.
Bear M2.
Twice M.
That is doubly Magnificent.
Excuse our inability to find a harmless role in the show that the all of you, so-called non-human creatures, offer on stage for free.
Maybe we should just be the public.
Nothing more.
Just there, seated, admiring.
And maybe learning.
I know what you're thinking now.
At this very moment.
I am convinced you're not the only one, at this time, to see things so.
This is just a story, ending words, weightless sentences in the midst of billions of empty intentions.
I will hurt not even a fly.
I will respect the animals.
I will love nature.
How many thoughts and school works flourished in a small class are sacrificed to the god called convenience allowing us to rise to the Olympus of tough and hard men.
Nonetheless, I'm here for an apparently trivial reason.
I know that the written words, all, as far as futile and naive, can be read.
Told and heard.
Rewritten and reread.
And as long as the dance continues long life to the words.
Words like Bear M2.
M, which becomes infinite.

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