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Different loves

Different loves

By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Tempesta Publisher

From the prologue:
About love. If you want that your stories meet great public’s favor, in this country you have to write about love. That’s what I heard one day.
My luck is that in the world there are many kinds of love.
There is love for the revolution. A blind infatuation for the change that, even before you try to build it, you dream it effortlessly with your open eyes, let alone closed.
I refer to the Jean-Baptiste du Val-de-Grâce’s love for a new and pure France.
Until his death.
There is love for justice. An insatiable hunger, manageable only feeding with the person who created it, the culprit who lives undisturbed ahead our silent eyes, except those who have been directly affected by the crime.
I am talking about Rita Schwerner’s love to challenge and defeat the passing time, waiting for the right moment, more than ever right to pay the bill to the offenders, all of them.
Especially the last one.
There is of course the love between a man and a woman, could it be out?
However, it is not a trivial love, as a whole nation, more or less responsible institutions, well-thinking or clearly insane people, were across the road in defense of a race that has never existed.
This is the love between Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, the scandalous mixed couple, alone for the rest of the world, but not for them, because everything has always been extremely simple and natural to both.
Finally, here is the love of a mother for her child. An explosive love, dangerous for anyone who is so naive as to think he can somehow defuse it, especially if that love hides the greatest pain.
It is the love of Rukia for Hani, Hash’s son.
French or Iraqi love, you name it, because to them, what will count from here to eternity is only one thing.
Love, yes, once again the love.

Notes on the book:
It consists of an anthology of stories inspired by real historical events and news, told on theatre by the author in many Italian cities.

Read the preface by Barry Bradford.

The book contains the following stories: The true story of Jean -Baptiste du Val -de- Grâce, orator of the human race, The courage of hope, Loving vs. Virginia, Our son was born.

Book trailer, The prologue:

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