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Greenpeace Russia Arctic protest video Jack Sparrow vs Putin

Stories and News No. 601

Greenpeace activists who are in jail for attempting to climb onto the Russian rig risk a sentence of up to 15 years.
Piracy is the guilt.
The famous pirate Jack Sparrow, heard about the fact, wrote a letter to Putin...

Dear Vladimir,
pirates, yes, pirates.
There are pirates in this world.
By my faith, of multiple types, to be honest.
And if for once so I am, I beg you to lend me your ear.
There are home pirates, the most dangerous and less catchable.
They steal superfine cookies under the cover of darkness.
Rummaging through your secret words when you're far on the horizon.
This is not good, no, it isn’t.
Unless it is to understand better.
And love even more.
There are also more sophisticated and less detectable pirates.
Looks are their loot.
Yes, you fully understand, there is no misunderstanding.
Literally looks, those are seized and taken away by them.
On the train in the morning, close in the apparent anonymous crowd, through traveling windows on ever too hasty car, more than ever in the street, both launched to the opposite shore.
It is difficult, then, to understand what they do with those mugged eyes, by my faith.
There are also pirates of hopes, the worst that history has ever been able to accommodate in its most despicable pages.
Because only an inert heart might talk, ranting and especially promising happy sunrises and sunsets to the many simple and credulous souls who populate the squares of the world.
I am convinced you perfectly know the latter type, right?
How not to mention, of course, pirates of emotions, a category that particularly fascinates me.
Very misleading kind, I think.
With precious words and enviable vaulting, graceful voice and suggestive gestures affect where we are all, without exception, most defenseless.
So the real show begins, on the proscenium of the abdomen and behind the scenes of the skull, with all the variations.
Between joy and indignation, going inevitably to love.
Now, I know what would be your objection, like anyone else, if I had to finish my harangue just here.
Pirates, yes, pirates are also those like me, virtuous of boarding and quick hand where the appetizing chest makes us a wink.
Nevertheless, you and I perfectly know that the people who you keep caged do not belong to the latter type of pirates.
Luckily, they represent yet another.
They are the pirates of sleep.
They are relentless, it is true, they have no mercy and without any delay they deprive us of sweet sleep, that is not so sweet, by my faith.
There, on the screen of our fugitive consciousness, offering always the same movie.
The title may change but the meaning remains the same: humanity survives if nature lives.
By my faith, how can you imprison such pirates?
It would be like condemning ourselves to death.
Because nature is their captain, by my faith.
And humanity survives only if nature lives...

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