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Halloween horror nights 2013 video story

Stories and News No. 605

It’s evening, 2013 October 31.
De Maria’s family have just finished dinner.
They have not eaten much, but it was not for lack of food. It has never been the weight of the dish such a problem. And probably it never will be.
They are a high medium class people in the social pyramid.
They add medium, for modesty.
Or perhaps to the taxes.
Difference of opinion, if at the end of the year it is not clear on the invoices.
It’s evening, in this 31th of October, and to the De Maria’s is like many others. They eat fast, each one of them closed in his room.
Hypnotic screen TV in front of the eyes and cell phone always open to the outside world.
Golfing and club friends, strictly well-educated gang comrades, adultery lovers in various ways, uncomfortable but wealthy relatives, workmates and shopping colleagues, office and poker buddies, they are all there at one click, leaping between FB and WhatsApp riding a Tweet.
The important thing is the distance, on the high level of the pyramid.
The higher you climb to the top and more you need to watch your backs.
Well, everywhere.
Imagine if you live together...
It’s then another night, for De Maria’s.
October 31.
Like many others.
Suddenly the doorbell breaks the monotonous as reassuring ritual of the moment.
That night, October 31 as many before, the maid is at home with a fever.
At the second ring, no one moves, so Ms. De Maria went to the door and after watching through the video intercom and vainly uttering the usual interrogative question who are you, decides to open.
As soon as she unlocks completely the door, the woman gasps with a wide mouth.
A few moments, and the rest of the family arrives curiously behind her.
Mr. De Maria and the sons stop suddenly deprived of speech and, although they have never been so close in so little space, they solidify in one body.
That evening, October 31 2013, proves to be remarkably different from the previous.
That is how the De Maria’s family discover Halloween.
Their Halloween and their masks.
In fact, in front of the rich family, there is an entire collection of costumes, with all the without variations.
The worker without salary, the retired person without superannuation, the young girl without a job, the migrant without a citizenship, the child without a future.
Mrs. De Maria clears his throat and, remembering something about the holiday, hesitant murmurs: “Trick or...?”
The child comes forward and says: “No tricks, this time. We want the candy."
Indeed, all the pastry shop.

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