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Italy boat sinks migrants dead video finally happy

Stories and News No. 599

From yet another fart by Silvio Berlusconi to an umpteenth tragedy at sea, with the usual unfortunate protagonists.
At the moment we are talking about 94 dead and 250 missing.
I read.
I read articles, posts and comments on the web, from Right to Left, and I feel far away.
Immensely away.
The word bitterly, perhaps it would be more fair.
May heaven bless the stories, saving island to land in...

"Dad," Efrem, nine years old, asked. "Why are you smiling?"
Tesfaye just minimally attenuates the curve that his lips draw.
Yes, basically it is a smile.
"Do you really want to know?"
"I smile because now no one can reject us...
"No one can accuse us of being here to steal Italians’ job.
"Tireless and punctual Italian workers.
" Nobody will be able to indicate to us as accountable for the increase in crime in the country.
"This country which is known worldwide for its honesty.
"Nobody, from north to south on this land, will have the freedom to emphasize our possible lack of respect for women.
"A land where every day people put women on a pedestal, not hurting them even with the thinnest of flowers.
"None of our missed fellow citizens will be able, now, to define us savages.
"Missed fellow citizens who are famous in history for decorum and etiquette.
"None of them will also underline our ignorance.
"They have all an high culture, this is a nation of thinkers and writers.
"None of them will have the right, by now, to argue that we are inclined to violate the laws.
"They, who have built life, society and institutions on the respect of all laws.
"None of the Italic Community will give us the most disparate epithets inspired by the brown color of our skin.
"Italic Community are all tall, blond and blue eyes.
"Or at least so they feel next to us.
"They felt, I correct.
"Because now the trip is over, at least for us.
"That's why none of these gentlemen will be able to insinuate that we are terrorists.
"Gentlemen who are pacifists in the depths of the soul."
Efrem stop listening to the words of his father.
He fixed his eyes, now.
Wet eyes.
"Dad," he asks, "why are you crying?"
"Because now no one will hurt us, my son."
We are no longer blacks, immigrants, refugees, savages, clandestines.
We're just dead.
I wonder if, looking at us now, they will finally be able to understand what we are.
What we were.
And children.

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