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Nazi criminal Erich Priebke funeral riots protest video story

Stories and News No. 602

These words are dedicated to those who are outraged by Erich Priebke’s corpse...

We have memory.
Yes, we have memory.
It is not a cliché.
No, it is not.
That's why we're the ones who do not want the funeral of the Criminal in our church.
Our church, that we made the temple of peace and charity.
Of brotherly love and respect for others.
We will not forget what it was.
No, we do not.
We still have fresh memories of man against man.
Indeed, man over man, as a result of a blunt insane belief to be something more than the other.
The different others, guiltily different.
Needless to say I was born human, I rejoiced and suffered like you, if I appear different to those bloodthirsty eyes.
Reject them, Lock them up in the field and then delete them from the face of the earth.
Our land.
Because we are not racist, but…
But we must first think about our children, our problems, us.
To us you will always be expendable.
We have the memory of all this and more.
For this reason we say no to the corpse of shame.
The tombs that lie in our cities and countryside are made to accommodate the same flesh memory.
We must not and we cannot offend contaminating it with such ignoble remains.
Because we are all what remains of past life, that’s the way we drive our actions today.
Our dreams too.
The foundation of our values.
That's why we fill our lungs and say no to the lifeless body of Erich Priebke.
We have memory.
That's right, memory.
Our refuses to the dead man who have colored the world with shame and cruelty are equal to the solidarity we express to the many poor people dressed with pain and despair that arrive to our coasts.
Rejected, locked and deleted human being as the same victims of the Nazi criminal.
Simplistically, you may read immigrants, refugees, strangers.
Because this having memory means.
Otherwise, that is just a dead word.
To leave behind as many.

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