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Nobel Prize 2013 acceptance speech video by Mario

Stories and News No. 600

These days the Nobel Prizes are announced.
So, I will offer you Mario’s speech.

My name is Mario and I am a simple man, that’s it.
A confused gentleman, according to my wife.
In the sense that if I'm among the many I will certainly be confused with everybody.
I am not original, that’s it.
Normally I disappear, at most I exist.
For you, if you know me, if you know in advance my arrival.
To the world, the rest of the latter, I live among the anonymous billion clouds in the sky.
However, since many years I hear about Nobel prizes.
Literature, peace, medicine, physics and so on.
I'm tired.
On the contrary, I feel fit.
Saturated by gifts, that’s it.
At the same time.
I'm tired of not seeing some names celebrated there, in the firmament of human excellences.
And I am saturated by the free gifts from creatures that no one ever will exalt as they deserve.
This is the reason I'm here, now, that’s it.
I want to assign my nobel prize winners, with a respectfully lowercase n.
Are you there?
Drum roll... and here we go.
The nobel Prize for patience goes to my grandmother.
Yes, my incredibly nice old lady, who has silently endured the boorish machismo of my grandfather for a lifetime.
His lifetime, because the man come first to home base.
My grandmother now has another love, an octogenarian painter that perhaps a true painter has never been, but he loves her.
Yes, I am sure he will loves her, that’s it.
The nobel Prize for courage goes to my children.
Because today being a child want needs a lot of courage.
I am talking about going to school and studying, playing and dreaming, embracing the pillow, sleeping and start over in the following morning, with the terrible conditions that the rest of us, cumbersome legacy, are giving to the world that awaits them.
The nobel Prize for dignity goes to my brother, fired after thirty years of tireless work, finding himself at fifty turned into an useless object, therefore expendable, that’s it.
The nobel Prize for goodness goes to my dog.
I took it to the pound years ago, and although the young man who gave it to me told me it was beaten all the time, the animal came into our house playing and smiling too as only dogs know how to do. And believe me: since now my dog has never stopped, that’s it. Despite everything, suffering, misery, pain and a myriad of inhuman behavior by its civilians roommates.
I would love to learn this, that’s it.
Just this.
Finally, last but not least, the nobel Prize for magic goes to my wife.
Because only magic is the right word to give a sense to explain her capacity in instantly disappearing the worst pests from my shoulders.
Read insensitive phrases and unpleasant gestures.
Until erasing the world which does not turn in time.
Making me visible.
And maybe a less confused gentleman.
That’s it.

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