Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ison Comet video story

Stories and News No. 611

The 28th of November 2013 will be remembered as a great day, no kidding.
Because only the great days are those who illuminate the darkness that our myopic memory is affected by.
It will be light.
That is, a relief for many.
Read also an enemy less for too many.

The preliminaries were as in a plot of the first class, it is no doubt.
Extreme curiosity.
White-hot distrust.
And more than ever, unconscious fear.
The worst to uproot.
Because when the distant encounters the neighbor, you cannot expect more.
Hopelessly before.

Yet we have seen comets.
If not in the sky with the naked eye.
On the couch mesmerized by that magic box.
Conjured by the pen of a stories farmer.
Even on the run from a giant screen thanks to the tribute or deception, depending on your point of view, of an illusory plus dimension.
Well, fear is still intact, when the lights back in the room.

It is one of the classic limitations of artificial light.
It dispels the darkness, but never completely.
And in the folds of the black, it lays inevitably.
The thing that comes from afar.
The UFO, or the UMO.
The Unidentified Migrant Object.
And the instant when the nightmare begins to have shapes, the evidence of his dangerousness spreads.

Whether Nostradamus, the Mayans or the worst profiteer of ignorance certify it, it does not matter.
The far will attack the near, here's the short best seller story.
It will pollute us with its deadly... distance.
The neighbor will never be the same.
And the world as we have known up to now, will do the same end.
Or at least that is what you fear.

Then came November 28, 2013.
Under the watchful eyes of telescopes, the far has finally reached the near.
Like a comet that embraces the sun.
And although many will ask if the alien fragment has disintegrated or has continued the journey, a certainty lit up the eyes of those who had the courage to look.
Thad day the sky shined the most.
Infinitely more.
That's why it's worth the meeting.
Of near and far.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Love stories to read: Woman Slept Next to Husband's Corpse

Stories and News No. 610

In Belgium, Anderlecht, a 69 years old lady lived for a year with her husband's corpse in the bed and the dog, also deceased, next to the table where she usually ate meals.
A sort of indispensable extension of married life, in spite of time’s passage.
I read that the woman was taken to a psychiatric hospital.
Yet, as many know, between the folds of the madness sometimes wonderful intent are hidden.
Absurd feelings and inadmissible emotions.
Worthy only of small stories, such as…

The dream of the widow

Go to sleep, my husband.
Sleep and rest.
Dreams quietly, but not too much.
You know how dreams are, we perfectly know.
Like actors.
So desirous of applause, able to do anything to keep the curtain open.

The last dream, then, is the most vain between them.
A trap in the form of paradise tailored to the hero of the day.
There is time, my love.
There is still time.
An eternity, they say.
Well, I 'm not ready for so much.

Yes, I know what you want to say.
Do not get me mad you too.
At least you.
I know everything.
That is the reason why I put the world paused.
What I do know is enough for me.
And it's so easy to love what is enough.

Tomorrow will come.
I have no illusions, believe me.
Tomorrow always arrives.
Even when you turn back to any day behind you.
A photo stolen with cunning.
A lucky letter because it was written without thinking about how to end it.
A perfect gift by chance.

Second me, comrade.
That is, the eyes that have been able to watch.
Where I could not see.
And maybe I did not want.
Let’s try not to die.

And if we do not succeed, however, it will be worth the effort.
Living of madness.
You may read as endless love…

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Tallest building in America One World Trade Center video storytelling

Stories and News No. 609

The One World Trade Center, aka Freedom Tower, officially became the tallest building in the United States.
The decision comes by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a non- profit international organization that takes care of these rankings.
1,776 feet (541 m) including the antenna, this will be the new American record.
I said it will be, because the enormous palace has not yet been opened.
Anyway, the record is already won.
And Duma laughs.
Yes, she laughs.
Duma is 79 years old and lives in Thame, a village in Nepal.
The old woman does not have a degree.
Not a single job.
In the sense of leaving the house every day chasing indifferent whizzing cars, sadist running trains and crowds of commuters.
Looking for the prosperity of an indispensable envelope.
For a step forward in the hierarchies.
And further bait in the envelope above.

But Duma laughs.
Yeah, this is precisely what she does.
Well, this is not the same old story of the exotic oriental wise woman watching us from up there.
There is some truth in the latter statement, but it is not in the first part.
On the other hand, you do not reach 79 years with the strength to smile without having seen the worst that life has to offer.
That light in the eyes is expensive, very expensive.
That's why she laughs.

Nevertheless, Duma has not a plasma TV.
Not even that cable.
No cables, here.
She does not have a smartphone.
Her own brain is smart and that’s enough.
This does not mean she is a genius.
You do not need it there.
Because you do not have to be a genius to get up there.
79 years old, I mean.
You just have to want it, really.
Few talk and eyes on the top.

Duma hears the radio.
That day the voice that dances in the box tells the story of a record.
The Freedom Tower is the tallest building in America.
1,776 feet, 541 meters, the voice screams.
Duma smiles.
She thinks.
And she laughs.
Because, even though she knows that the radio will not speak about it, since a whole life Duma walks, sleeps and dreams in the higher house up the village of Thame, on the Himalayas.
At 3800 meters.

This is my tower, she thinks.
The happiness tower….

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Philippines Typhoon Miracle baby Bea Joy video story

Stories and News No. 608

This is the story of two little girls.
Or maybe one.

November 11, 2013.
My name is Beatriz Joy, in short Bea, and I was born today.
An image, mine, in my mother’s arms, has earned many front pages in major newspapers.
A miracle baby, they say.
That is for the typhoon, or in spite of this, they imply.
Yet I would have been anyway.
A miracle.
For my mother.
How do you call it other than an incredible miracle the whole show before, between magical metamorphosis of a body, and more than ever what follows, until the opening of the curtain named life.
I know what you think.
I'm biased.
It’s a personal matter, mine.
Well, what are we talking about if not something that belongs to me?
Nevertheless, all this attention warms my heart.
And heaven knows I need it, at this particular moment.
Especially from this time on, to be honest.
Because, as my grandmother said, it is when the fire is off that we really need the help.
When the house is no more, one thing at random.
However, I enjoy your eyes.
The tenderness in them draws my brave birth.
The emotion knowing the details of my arrival in the world.
I take everything and thank you.
I squeeze every gift in my small hands.

Are you still there?
Here, now try to imagine a November 11.
Over there, on the horizon, not far away.
Let's say in ten years.
November 11, 2023, to be precise.
I'm here now.
In your home, in your country, in one of your cities.
A foreigner.
A stranger, an immigrant and illegal one.
I'm still a miracle?
My life has still been the result of a wonder ?
I think so.
Actually, no.
I'm sure.
Do not forget it.
Do not forget me.
Do not forget.
What a miracle we have been all.
And it will be forever...

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New York Marathon 86 year old woman die video story of Joy Johnson

Stories and News No. 607

An elderly woman in the New York Marathon.
She falls, still runs and dies.
There is a mistake, they tell me.

Joy Johnson, 86 year old, ran her last marathon.
During the latter, she fell at the 20th kilometer and hit her head.
Some people asked her if she wanted to stop and go to the hospital, but it was useless.
The indefatigable grandma, with a steel tempering, continued to run until the finish line.
The next day she was in Today Show, a well-known American television show.
So she went to rest.
And she died sleeping.

I know what you think.
The mistake is not having gone to the hospital after the fall.
No, they say the error was not that.
The octogenarian lady falls at the New York Marathon.
She runs and then dies.
There is an error, they continue to say.

Oh, right.
If not at the time of the fall, Joy would have to be seen by doctors at least after crossing the finish line.
Just a check, that maybe would have saved her life.
Is this the error ?
They say no.

So I read again the news, in the essential words.
During the New York City Marathon a 86 year old woman falls but continues to run.
She died the next day.
There is always a mistake, they tell me.

Perhaps this is it: the lady would not have to intervene as a guest on the TV show.
The coup de grace to the stress and excitement for the event may have intensified the consequences of the fall.
No, they say I am far from true.
That was not the error.
So they tell me.
The death is forgivable in the economy of the story, they add.
Watch all with this spirit and the fog will go away.
Making the error visible.

I'll try.
It’s a life that I try.
Yes... I see something.
Joy, her name is joy, runs.
Even the New York Marathon is an negligible indication.
The grandmother called joy falls, gets up and starts running again.
She runs without stopping.
She's still running, even now.
No death for her.

No more error, they finally say.
Joy… to see her clearly we should run after and dream of reaching her.
How they said.
Those who at the beginning of this story I have pointed out the error.
My inseparable prompters.
Heart and fantasy.
Unified by a particular admiration for the power of joy…

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