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Ison Comet video story

Stories and News No. 611

The 28th of November 2013 will be remembered as a great day, no kidding.
Because only the great days are those who illuminate the darkness that our myopic memory is affected by.
It will be light.
That is, a relief for many.
Read also an enemy less for too many.

The preliminaries were as in a plot of the first class, it is no doubt.
Extreme curiosity.
White-hot distrust.
And more than ever, unconscious fear.
The worst to uproot.
Because when the distant encounters the neighbor, you cannot expect more.
Hopelessly before.

Yet we have seen comets.
If not in the sky with the naked eye.
On the couch mesmerized by that magic box.
Conjured by the pen of a stories farmer.
Even on the run from a giant screen thanks to the tribute or deception, depending on your point of view, of an illusory plus dimension.
Well, fear is still intact, when the lights back in the room.

It is one of the classic limitations of artificial light.
It dispels the darkness, but never completely.
And in the folds of the black, it lays inevitably.
The thing that comes from afar.
The UFO, or the UMO.
The Unidentified Migrant Object.
And the instant when the nightmare begins to have shapes, the evidence of his dangerousness spreads.

Whether Nostradamus, the Mayans or the worst profiteer of ignorance certify it, it does not matter.
The far will attack the near, here's the short best seller story.
It will pollute us with its deadly... distance.
The neighbor will never be the same.
And the world as we have known up to now, will do the same end.
Or at least that is what you fear.

Then came November 28, 2013.
Under the watchful eyes of telescopes, the far has finally reached the near.
Like a comet that embraces the sun.
And although many will ask if the alien fragment has disintegrated or has continued the journey, a certainty lit up the eyes of those who had the courage to look.
Thad day the sky shined the most.
Infinitely more.
That's why it's worth the meeting.
Of near and far.

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