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New York Marathon 86 year old woman die video story of Joy Johnson

Stories and News No. 607

An elderly woman in the New York Marathon.
She falls, still runs and dies.
There is a mistake, they tell me.

Joy Johnson, 86 year old, ran her last marathon.
During the latter, she fell at the 20th kilometer and hit her head.
Some people asked her if she wanted to stop and go to the hospital, but it was useless.
The indefatigable grandma, with a steel tempering, continued to run until the finish line.
The next day she was in Today Show, a well-known American television show.
So she went to rest.
And she died sleeping.

I know what you think.
The mistake is not having gone to the hospital after the fall.
No, they say the error was not that.
The octogenarian lady falls at the New York Marathon.
She runs and then dies.
There is an error, they continue to say.

Oh, right.
If not at the time of the fall, Joy would have to be seen by doctors at least after crossing the finish line.
Just a check, that maybe would have saved her life.
Is this the error ?
They say no.

So I read again the news, in the essential words.
During the New York City Marathon a 86 year old woman falls but continues to run.
She died the next day.
There is always a mistake, they tell me.

Perhaps this is it: the lady would not have to intervene as a guest on the TV show.
The coup de grace to the stress and excitement for the event may have intensified the consequences of the fall.
No, they say I am far from true.
That was not the error.
So they tell me.
The death is forgivable in the economy of the story, they add.
Watch all with this spirit and the fog will go away.
Making the error visible.

I'll try.
It’s a life that I try.
Yes... I see something.
Joy, her name is joy, runs.
Even the New York Marathon is an negligible indication.
The grandmother called joy falls, gets up and starts running again.
She runs without stopping.
She's still running, even now.
No death for her.

No more error, they finally say.
Joy… to see her clearly we should run after and dream of reaching her.
How they said.
Those who at the beginning of this story I have pointed out the error.
My inseparable prompters.
Heart and fantasy.
Unified by a particular admiration for the power of joy…

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