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Love stories to read: Woman Slept Next to Husband's Corpse

Stories and News No. 610

In Belgium, Anderlecht, a 69 years old lady lived for a year with her husband's corpse in the bed and the dog, also deceased, next to the table where she usually ate meals.
A sort of indispensable extension of married life, in spite of time’s passage.
I read that the woman was taken to a psychiatric hospital.
Yet, as many know, between the folds of the madness sometimes wonderful intent are hidden.
Absurd feelings and inadmissible emotions.
Worthy only of small stories, such as…

The dream of the widow

Go to sleep, my husband.
Sleep and rest.
Dreams quietly, but not too much.
You know how dreams are, we perfectly know.
Like actors.
So desirous of applause, able to do anything to keep the curtain open.

The last dream, then, is the most vain between them.
A trap in the form of paradise tailored to the hero of the day.
There is time, my love.
There is still time.
An eternity, they say.
Well, I 'm not ready for so much.

Yes, I know what you want to say.
Do not get me mad you too.
At least you.
I know everything.
That is the reason why I put the world paused.
What I do know is enough for me.
And it's so easy to love what is enough.

Tomorrow will come.
I have no illusions, believe me.
Tomorrow always arrives.
Even when you turn back to any day behind you.
A photo stolen with cunning.
A lucky letter because it was written without thinking about how to end it.
A perfect gift by chance.

Second me, comrade.
That is, the eyes that have been able to watch.
Where I could not see.
And maybe I did not want.
Let’s try not to die.

And if we do not succeed, however, it will be worth the effort.
Living of madness.
You may read as endless love…

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