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Why writing is important video: Happy New Year 2014

Stories and News No. 614 I assume this is the last video of the year. I would like to conclude this 2013 with intentions that I have long ago written for myself. I hope to have them followed and so will be in the future. Of course, nothing prevents you from doing the same. Quite the contrary . Our work should not depend ‘on people’. Rather, what we write, build, post, whatever we create, if we want to share it, it is ‘for the people’. Indeed, for those among them, even just one, will accept it. Who has something to share should not depend on people. On the looks, the comments, the appreciation, Facebook’s Like, followers on Twitter, more or less authoritative quotations, number of visits, popularity. That's what makes our words weak, fragile, harmless and so ourselves. All this does not diminish our desire to see our things read, watched, listen, and especially appreciated. That desire is human. This does not erase the dream of living of our imagination and enj

Italian revolution 2013 video I wish

Stories and News No. 613 The revolution I wish. The revolution I wish would be a true revolution. The revolution I wish would radically change things. The revolution I wish will completely cut away the diseased tree that has grown on our land. Not only the rotted fruits, but the whole plant. Who was wrong and who did nothing to stop it. Who stole and who stood by because nothing personally touched him. Who ruined this country and who still enriched playing the brave antagonist role. The revolution I wish would bring out the true differences between people. The revolution I wish would show who is coherent and who's not. The revolution I wish would not be Left or Right, it would be first of all equal. Equal to those who exploited the ignorance of people to get their interests and those who have committed the same crime accusing the former. Equal to those who paid the consequences of this vile staging with their own flesh. Equal to those who had the courage to say n

Santa Claus Letter parody video by angry old woman

Stories and News No. 612 After the decision by the Aerospace Defense Command North America, in short Norad, of showing the video of the usual monitoring of the location of Santa's sleigh, this time accompanied by warplanes, the following message of protest came to me, written by a very angry old woman : Now it’s over. This is too much. The measure is full. I could use other ways to explain it, but the meaning would ever be the same. I have had much patience, I challenge anyone to deny it. But what do these people think? That we are all blind? Incurably stupid, I add? Ah, of course. I cannot certainly speak for everyone. But for my part, I am not willing to suffer in silence and I am here to stop this. What should I do? Continuing to accept this? I haven’t seen anybody pointing out this unspeakable imbalance. But really, not with the usual harmless themed evenings to show off your radical chic uniform, or worse, the heartfelt ‘I like’ on those virtual papier-mâché cal