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Mars mystery rock story of fear

Stories and News No. 622

It seems that NASA scientists have been surprised comparing two photographs taken by the Opportunity probe, after 12 days, because a mysterious rock has appeared.
It is a new rock and more or less scientific theories are spreading.
Here is mine, among the less supported, of course...

“Dad, I'm sorry,” the little one said.
“I’m sorry? It's easy to say, now,” the father lamented. ”You do not know them, those ones...”
“But Dad, all this screaming about a stone?”
“A stone? How many times have I told you not to leave things lying around? There are probes, for Jupiter!”
“Bad word, Dad, you said a bad word.”
“You throws me that off. Do you know the risk, here?”
“I know, Dad, I know. You repeat it every day.”
“You repeat, now, let's see if you remember.”
“They do not respect anything or anyone, they ruin everything, they are uncivilized and ignorant, they will take advantage of our females and we will steal our job.”
“And most of all?”
“And most of all, we are not racists but we must first think about our species.”
“Exactly. And what about you? You forget the stone...”
“Dad, I understand, I apologize. But... you know, putting everything in order each time exactly as it was before the return of these probes, it's not easy. Sometimes you forget something...”
“Something? You call a rock something? Do you see what we're dealing with or not, pig Saturn?”
“Another bad word, Dad...”
“You're tearing me it from the mouth, it is not my fault.”
“What if you're wrong?”
“In what way?”
“What if you're wrong about them?”
“I say, and if you're wrong and they are not as you say. What if they prove to be good creatures?”
“Who put these ideas into your head? Your mother?”
“No, I was just saying, it was an hypothesis...”
“Hypothesis? How do you speak? This is sure your mother stuff. It comes from those things she is holding the evening before going to sleep.”
“The exact name is books, dad.”
“Do not be a schoolmaster with me.”
“I'm sorry, but...”
“But what?”
“But how can you be so sure that them are like you describe?”
“I know, I just look around. What do you want to know? This is adult matter.”
“Tell me.”
“Have you ever met one?”
“One of them.”
“Now I understand.”
“What do you mean?”
“Nothing, nothing.”
“Well, put the rock where did you get it.”
“Sure, Dad, I will do as you want.”
You relax, the son thinks. Do not fret anymore, it's all right. This too will pass away. It also will dissolve in the invisible space dust like all the other damn unnecessary fears.

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