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Missing Millionaire New York Lottery story

Stories and News No. 630

I read that the U.S. Powerball Lottery organizers are looking for the owner of the winning ticket of $ 1 million, bought in the Bronx last year. The "Missing Millionaire" will be waited until Sunday and if he will not come in time no money for him.
Who is the mysterious winner? Meanwhile, there are a thousand explanations.
Here is one plausible.
Or at least that is what I think...

My name is Jeff.
But you can call me Tom or Mike.
Nothing changes.
Because it never changes.
Because here everything sucks.
And I don’t believe in anything anymore.

You don’t agree? Look around you, I say.
Where do we start? By the government.
They are all got enriched with citizens money.
No one cares about the welfare of voters before they promise and then they get the villas, boats and beautiful women.
With our cash.
We squeeze through taxes to pay for the pool and luxury cars to some politician.
Actually, no, to the politician’s girl.
Everything sucks, this is the truth.
And I don’t believe in anything anymore.
The job is the same, huh?
Colleagues care only about themselves and making a career.
So everyone is ready to cheat the others to earn a point with the boss.
Oh come on, this is the truth.
A bunch of vile people, this is what you find in the office today.
In the office?
On the subway, in the car traffic, in line at the post office.
They thrust and kick, in an endless race to finish first.
First to the traffic light, first to sit, first to get out.
And the others may all die.
Come on, this is reality.
Everything sucks.
And I no longer believe in anything.
Do we want to talk about relatives and friends?
Let's face it, then.
If you are present with manic continuity, without ever missing a recurrence, that’s okay, but as soon as you have a bad time, everybody goes away.
If you're there when they need you, alright, otherwise you are deleted on the phonebook, WhatsApp and Facebook with a single click.
They all do so, come on.
And there is no gender difference.
The females, when they are young they look just the beautiful guys and as they grow they continue to look them, but then they marry the rich ones, only to betray the latter with the former.
Males betray all, beautiful or ugly, it makes no difference.
The old people, do we want to talk about them?
Tell me: who have built this bastard world?
They are the worst persons, bad examples, ignorant and rude.
Children can only whine and break everything.
And immigrants? You know, with a so horrible country do we get well to accommodate what comes from outside?
Everything sucks, you know better than me.
And I don’t believe anyone anymore.
Like that Chinese shopkeeper who a year ago convinced me to buy a lottery ticket.
Stupid me that I listened.
Luckily, that was the last time.
Since then, I only trust myself...

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