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Russia Ballerina dance in chains video story

Stories and News No. 631

Here is the story of a ballerina who, supporting an Amnesty International petition, dances in a garden of Moscow against the laws that stifle the human and civil rights in Russia.
She is flying there, at -20 °C…

0 °C
It is cold.
At zero degree is cold, no jokes.
Okay, maybe it might not rain, maybe if there was the sun.
Maybe, yes.
But if the water freezes at zero there will be a reason, right?
Or at least consequences.
At home, at home.

If zero is cold, let alone...
Nevertheless, ending here it would be too easy.
Because you speak well, staying warm on the other side of the monitor.
For those who live at the antipodes of web it could make the difference.
Back home, back home soon.

Taking apart what already said, reiterating that it is cold is reasonable.
You feel it all, let's say it like it is, on the tip of the nose and fingers and feet and everywhere.
You should feel completely, a point less
Go home, we go home.

This time it snows, that is not doubtful.
Better for the children, I agree, but what about the rest of us who work at piece rates?
You might play with snow, I know, it's nice to see, it is not the best to drink, once dissolved, in extreme conditions, but we do not eat with it.
No, damn snow, no.
At home, let’s remain at home.

Turn on the stove… no, turn it off.
Now you're warm in bed.
Once at home.

Do you think about when in the middle of summer you complain about the heat?
Well, think about it now.
In the home, into the home.

No more blankets, it is useless to look for in the closet.
Go to bed and forget about it.
But do not shake, please.
At home.

-7, 8 and 9
Here all accelerated.
Otherwise, the glacial story collapses as the dinghy you attempts to inflate.
We are at home, now.

-10, 11, 12
And -13
Never leave it alone, to freeze.
At home, your home.

-14, 15, 16
-17 and - 18
How many times have I told you that the cold will come? And you never listen to me.
Have you seen that the predictions were true?
Now you know what the cold is.
At home.

It's time to close the curtains.
We'll be warmer.
No... wait. There's something out there...

-20 °C
Here she is, the dancing girl.
Despite the cold handcuffs, the only one allowed to kiss her.
Only on the wrists.
Because you can only admire the rest of her.
It is free as much as the country she lives should be...

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