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Russian ship freed from antarctic ice video story

Stories and News No. 615

Once upon a time there was a ship.
A Russian ship.
I say Russian to those who are particularly interested in these anecdotes.
A ship is a ship. It navigates.
That is what it does. Or at least it tries to do.
The Russian ship sails to Antarctica on December 8, 2013 and the 25th of the same month gets stuck in the ice.
Blocked. A stuck ship is an oxymoron and at the same time is a crime.
Ships are made to navigate, that is among its rights.
In order to free the stranded ship, a Chinese icebreaker sails.
Here, too, I say Chinese to those who need to know it.
Despite good intentions, the icebreaker fails in its job.
In other words, not in accordance with its secondary function.
Because in accordance to the primary, all ships sail, unless unexpected holes, but breaking the ice is not so easy. The ice is no longer what it once was, my grandmother always says. It’s colder, the old woman told me, is more frozen, she exactly said.
The ice of Antarctica, then, is also an infamous sadist. It not only resists the attack of the Chinese ship, but traps it too among its ice... cubes.
The Russian ship, meanwhile, begins to lose hope when two other ships arrive to rescue it.
An Australian and a French ship.
Nothing to do. Ice 4 ships 0.
Well, you know, ice of Antarctica is one that does not like just to win.
It loves to slaughter the opponents on the field, mocking them with its fans.
Penguins and polar bears.
But here comes the traditional hero, the top at the box office. The super heroes, the Americans.
Here it is a discount final: And in the end the Americans arrive.
This time for a really good reason, no need to export democracy.
Americans, yes, but just a ship.
A ship that chooses to navigate to free another one.
Locked in the ice.
But in this story is just the latter to close the curtain.
Ice or the solid water, you name it. Not heroes.
In this story the enemy doesn’t need to die, he is not executed in the public square, caught and hanged live.
He is not even captured and thrown into the sea.
The Antarctic ice just frees its prisoners.
That's it. Nothing personal.
The ice freezes and ships sail. Sometimes to save other ships.
Russian, Chinese, French, Australian or American matters little.
Indeed nothing.
These are the stories I love to find.

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