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Solar flare 2014 human effects story

Stories and News No. 616

Let’s say one man. One as many.
Or even a woman.
The geomagnetic storm comes along and upsets everything.
That is, everything for human being. Or just one.
Solar radiations are everywhere and the omelet is done, as grandma says.
Web is the first to fall.
Internet gasps and then collapses after a few minutes.
A few long minutes, during which I try to see what the problem is.
I close and reopen the browser several times.
I do the same with modem and PC.
A virus? A malfunction on the cable? The provider is down?
Worse: an irreparable failure at the central up indefinitely deprives me of the holy connection?
These are the unnecessary desperate musings until dark.
Now how am I going on Facebook to share my precious thoughts?
Today I feel good, or not.
How are you friends?
Are you there?
How am I able to twit my brilliant thoughts on the world?
My extraordinary pearl necklaces up to 140 ringed?
Wait, what a stupid I am: there is still the smartphone!
Now I turn it on.
One moment…

Here I know. When it is a day of bad luck all goes according to script.
The cell is lifeless, petty mine.
Usual practice of resuscitation: I take off the battery, clean it, I do the same with the Sim. I give it even a few caresses, for pure affection.
No light on the horizon.
You may read as the monitor.
I am isolated.
Without posting and devoid even of the most casual I like, by mistake too.
Zero sharing.
The TV is my last hope...
By now it sucks, but it’s better than nothing.
Same as above.
I change the batteries in the remote control, I do the usual cathartic sockets dance behind the television, but I do not get new result.
I am alone.
Blame the sun.
Blame the sun if I have to leave the house to talk to someone.
It's so true that nature is ruthless.

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