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Washing machine internet access and smart fridge: time story

Stories and News No. 628

I just read what is waiting for us: the web connected washing machines, the smart fridge and other stuff. Well, I offer a kind of commercial from the future people...

Here we are.
The woman of the future.
The man of tomorrow.
Humanity on the horizon.
In short, the lucky ones who will enjoy the most coveted prize.
A lot of time.

How? Simple, with the washing machine connected to the Internet.
It washes with Wi-Fi remote programs lying cloths on the balcony with a simple click of the mouse. Do you understand?
In exchange for the above reward.
Yes, the time.

Not enough? Here's the smart fridge.
Stop with those insane things that you people of the past keep in the kitchen.
The wise refrigerator already knows what food to thaw before you even decide to eat.
H24 connected with your palate, it will be able to read between your mouth finding out the taste that will please you in the next hour meals and you will find the dish at room temperature, ready to be cooked or consumed instantly.
Can you believe it?
Believe it, because this is what awaits you.
In addition, of course, the real income of all is the same.
Still time.

Is it not enough? But we have other stuff to sell.
Ladies and gentlemen, we in the future have the water closet in full hd.
This is the new generation of toilets.
Thanks to the high-resolution, it will make your day light and not only the day.
The gain is granted.

Do you want some more? Alright.
We, the humans of the third millennium, will be the first to sleep on the web bed.
The 2.0 beds will be connected with each other through the pillows, with tons of gigabytes of memory in it.
The pillows will store our dreams, which will be shared on the web and everyone will look around in the unconscious of the others.
Finally knowing everything about everyone.
With a consequent saving of questions and as much effort will be erased in the responses.
To be honest, what fun will you find meeting people when you will not find anything new?
So we really will have all the time in the world.
More days.
Hours and hours free.
A myriad of moments for us.
To do what?

Well, it is difficult to answer this question.
Because we have used so much time to spare time as we have forgotten how to use it...

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