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Empty homes vs homeless in Europe 11 million tricks

Stories and News No. 647

They told me, so they told me.
It seems that in Europe there are 11 million empty houses.
They told me so, so they did.
How many empty homes are there?
So that guy asked me, I never remember his name.
11 million, I replied.
Because I cannot remember his name but he’s nice to me.
Not always, today he does.
And then, if you're nice to me today, I will not forget this.
At least for today.
But 11 million empty houses...
Well, I do not forget it easily.
Tomorrow too.
An empty home, and then multiplies it.
With an empty kitchen.
No stove?
Never mind, it's always a kitchen, listen to me.
So an empty bathroom.
Devoid of WC?
I told you never mind, trust me.
Empty means it is empty.
I can go in when I want to.
As in the kitchen.
Then I want to see who will protest.
If both are empty.
Because if both are empty, and so the entire house, even the bedroom is no exception.
Do you know how empty things work?
You can only fill them.
There's no bed? It’s without furniture, you say?
Listen, you don’t understand?
I said never mind.
That is, just let me in.
There are only too skinny floors and bare walls?
But the ceiling is there, right?
So what are we talking about?
A trick, that's what.
An empty house, and then multiplies it.
Eleven millions of tricks, here.
In my country.
No, because the country is everywhere, not just the indoors.
Not just your full living room.
And the first trick is in the name.
Homeless? No, my friend.
Shameless, rather.
And I think it is clear I am not talking about me...
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