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End of the world 22 February 2014 Ragnarok in Africa

Stories and News No. 645

I am breathless.
The reason? I’ll tell you at the end.
I read that there is yet another end of the world coming in, this time predicted by the Vikings: the Ragnarok.
The end of the world.
The end of the world as we know it.
Let me imagine it, right now.
Yes, I know, I was already fooled by Maya, but try to understand me.
Here we dream, this should write on the entrance.
Indeed, here we hope, that gives better the right idea.
The end of the world...
The end of modern society.
Of one-way streets and toll roads, high but also low speed trains, ever new Iphone and always old frauds.
No more national governments and geographical boundaries.
No documents, residence permits or even just die on the sidelines, where no one sees you.
The end of TV.
Telesales interspersed with soaps selling everything except a story that is worth your time.
The disappearance of the money.
Banks and ATMs, taxes, transfers, checks.
The disappearance of the prisons.
No more ghettos, and peace missions to kill you softly.
The death of the dominance of humanity over nature.
The death of pollution.
The death of pheasant hunting and all other species.
Stop to the noise of the machines, and then space to silence...
On stage the crickets, the nightingales, ducks, donkeys and even pigs.
The end of the world, do you figured it?
A huge zero hits the earth ground.
All would be canceled.
Maybe it starts all over again, and this time I'm sure it will be different.
I'll pay much, much attention to what lands here.
In order not to find myself in the absurd paradox of being the unwanted host.
The end of the world February 22, 2014?
Maybe the sky wanted...

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