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Military dog of war captured by Taliban: what I learned

Stories and News No. 636

My name is Colonel and I am one of those who usually are called dogs of war.
Now I'm a hostage, prisoner of my enemies.
My enemies...
Just to clear it, the Taliban, here in Afghanistan, are not my enemies.
They are the enemies of my masters.
Former masters, to be precise.
So, to be honest too, I am now in the hands of the enemies of my former masters.
Therefore, until a moment before my capture, I was a dog of war who fought against the enemies of my masters at the time.
While now, my current masters keep me captive and are very proud to show me to their enemies, who are my former masters.
Well, let’s go back in time.
When I started my training, early in my career.
No, before that.
A dog, just a dog.
Nothing more, I agree.
Not a police dog or a lap dog, not even a truffle sniffing dog or a retriever dog, not a dog for blind or a hunting dog.
A dog, a dog and nothing else.
Nothing less, you know.
And suddenly, here comes the blessing, the additional feature, the merit of serving humans, extreme elevation to the top ranks of animal useful for more advanced purposes.
A dog of war, knowing how to find bombs and weapons, to save lives, to protect the good from the bad, fighting for democracy and peace.
Human peace.
No, because canine peace is a fact, is a condition of existence, let's face it.
We do not even call it peace, here.
We are what we are, we bark, we smell, we eat and make love, some flea around and that’s all.
Try to understand, we are just beasts.
We are not human.
No inhuman, which means other, I know.
How I was glad, then, when I finally had earned on the field the proving adjective.
Of war.
Finally, I also was a dog of something.
Even if sometimes I wonder if there are dogs of peace.
I feel that they maybe they have an easier life, but maybe I'm wrong.
I have not got all that brain.
However, one thing I understood and I say to you, now, whoever you are, dogs or whatever.
Try to do everything possible to remain what you are.
Humans or animals.
Do not be fooled by words.
Especially to find yourself someday paying the consequences of having not understand anything about your life’s meaning.

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