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National Food Waste day story: the demon confession

Stories and News No. 634

Today, Wednesday, February 5, 2014, for the first time Italy has its National Day against food waste. I read that FAO has estimated that each year in the world 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown in the trash.
Here is a story…

It’s mine, it's my fault.
Only mine.
Oops, I did not present myself, sorry.
I am the demon of waste, oh yes.
I get, I grab and take away all I can.
Read it as what the humans forget.
Among the alleged negligibility of living.

The white that, apparently, you do not need.
The space at the bottom of the story, the absent row, the break between two rhymes, the entire page uncut to give volume to the novel.
All I grab, space hairless from various inks, and I crash everything in a myriad of unusable fragments.
Hopefully irreparable in a fatal dance of tearing.

Pauses, ever useful breaks of common conversations.
The more palatable ones to those like me.
Thieves of unspoken words.
Semantic sins and syntactic crimes that I love to collect.
I might as well fill myself with my sentences.
If I had something to say, actually.
I'm too busy in the accumulation of endless amounts of remains.

All the stuff that suddenly, after a week or a month at most, will be cleared from the property.
Unworthy to deserve the label.
My stuff, our stuff.
What at the beginning of the first act has a price and at the closing of the curtain becomes superfluous scenery.
Deleted from the memory.
As white brackets of writing and hesitations of saying, as if it never existed.
Except to me.

Here I am, exactly on that unnamed screen pixel I steal the gift with greedy hands.
What the human eye does not see, I make it mine.
Especially what he sees and does not care.
With the right condition.

Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, even I own ethics.
A sort of that, I know.
That's why the waste of food and any more trip of the latter is your business.
Because not even a devil comes so far.
Stop, once and for all, to compete with me...

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