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Love stories to read: the spinster

Stories and News No. 641

An old spinster, yes.
So that artichoke face called me some days ago.
If I knew what it means, I might as well reply.
The fact is that I am convinced that he does not even know the meaning too.
People talk nonsense, this is the truth.
They see you there, alone.
Alone now, you know.
So they draw their conclusions.
Hasty ones, there is no doubt about.
Well, would you like to comment? Stop for a moment and let's talk.
Come on, ask if you are interested.
Yes, I'm alone.
But it was not always so.
It may seem strange to you, but I also had friends.
Affection, chatter, laughter, and lots of camaraderie, more than you could imagine.
The reality is that all go fast, today, as the rats chased by cats.
Unintentional rhyme, but you get the idea, right?
I am alone, I cannot of course deny it.
It's my today life.
But why it must necessarily be a disgrace, I don’t understand.
What about: congratulations, you survived.
Very good, you are still dancing around.
I admire you for your tenacity.
Well, this is too much.
More than tenacity, it was just about very good fortune.
So, then, why am I alone?
Monsieur the Fate, that's all, but the question is quite another.
Why the others?
Why did the others go? This is the real question.
Somebody torn them away from their homeland.
A violence I witnessed helplessly.
As an eyewitness of inexplicable no ransom kidnappings.
Almost inexplicable, to be honest.
There is something I know.
Listening to the voices around.
Around me, of course.
A little bird told me, I confess, but I already know that you will not believe it.
Because of the eponymous famous phrase.
Love and lovers are guilty.
The feast of St. Valentine does too.
I think it works, since the peak of disappearances there was always between the beginning of January and the first half of February.
Every year.
You are alone, because you're an old spinster, a worm reiterated just now.
If your name is worm, I replied, there is a reason, right?
I'm not old and not even a spinster, whatever it means.
I'm just alone.
It was not always so.
But on the other hand, who might say that so will be tomorrow?

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