Friday, March 28, 2014

Earth Hour Day 2014 according to Daubentonia madagascariensis

Stories and News No. 658

Saturday, March 29 will be the eighth Earth Hour Day, an event organized by WWF to raise awareness about the global warming problem.
In particular, it aims to increase energy savings, since the organizers consider it accountable for the high temperature of the planet, inviting participants to turn off the lights at a specific time of the day.
However, if the fate of the planet is at stake and if we speak about Earth Hour, I think we must give space to the point of view of those who have less attention than us.
Indeed, not having any guilt about what is happening, they should have more...

Aye - Aye.
This is my common name.
Daubentonia madagascariensis, for the record.
The Slow, for friends.
No hard feelings, that’s clear.
I'm slow, I'm not ashamed.
I always have been.
Last to arrive.
And last to enter.
Last to go up.
And, above all, the last to understand, that’s clear.
That’s why I hope you will be lenient if understanding you will be hard to me.
I reach a right idea of my parents ever after, let alone those who will always be the aliens to us, that’s clear.
The true extraterrestrials, that’s what you are.
You are our Martians, but that's another story.
It’s the fact that you will turn off the light all together, but not really all. Just all those who agree with it, that’s clear.
Or that’s not, to me, in the sense that I don’t see the point.
Anyway, sorry for the umpteenth repetition.
It’s because of my slowness, that’s clear.
I'm so slow, so slow that I forget I have already used an expression recently, even in the same sentence.
As you may have guessed, it often happens with that’s clear.
The psychologist told me that it must be because I am nocturnal and also because that’s clear are so strange words to me.
I don’t quite understand what they mean.
The day I sleep, that’s clear.
Except when I go to the psychologist, who receives only in the morning, because the night is already following a hysterical family of bats, all cracked.
I see you sleepy, today, he says at the beginning of each session. Should I change your medications?
He’s a genius. Maybe I have to change the shrink, not the drugs.
Anyway, I would like to get to the point of the story, that’s clear.
Forgive me if I get here only now.
I told you I 'm slow, right?
So, the fact of turning off the light seems to me a good thing.
That is, if you care about earth temperature seems to me a good thing.
Actually, no. It seems logical.
What I cannot understand is why you need to do it again the following year.
That’s clear, I made some assumptions.
I am slow, not stupid.
For me they are basically two.
Or there are still so many people among you who, if the earth is hot, don’t feel it at all.
Or they are very few, but they are the only ones who can really change things.
Well, but you should turn off the light to them, every light.
I want to see then if they do not care.
That’s seems perfectly clear to me.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Burger King baby Katheryn Deprill: story of fear’s sons

Stories and News No. 656

Katheryn Deprill found her mother after having spread on Facebook her desire to know her. The girl,
now 28 years old, was abandoned on September 15, 1986 in the bathroom of a fast food from her mother, who was then 16 years old, pregnant after being raped.
It happened in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States.
It happens also that to many that wish remains just a wish.
Today story is for them...

One, is the mother.
Many, they say.
All different in many aspects, the same for the few.
But still too many, some claim.
Yet one is the mother.
Because, without exception, all children and parents on the respective banks of the river made by indifferent chances and aware atrocities came from the same mother.
Not mom.
The emotional way does not get the right idea.
Mother, or the one who generates, is one.
And the descendants are innumerable.
Sorry, but that's how things go, here.
In the unexpected incubators.
Actually, not unexpected.
Wrong is the right adjective.
Just like the bathroom of a fast food restaurant.
With a bitter and accurate consistency, don’t you agree?
There, in the place of reckless meeting and devoid of natural flavors air.
Food and life that appear and disappear in a few seconds.
A mom enters the room.
It suddenly becomes small, tiny as the slender wrist wrapped in an equally infinitesimal identifier bracelet.
Tell me, how do you want to call this boy?
Oops, excuse me... she is a girl. What name for her?
And a moment later they are two.
Two creatures of the same mother.
Because the mother is one.
Many, they tell us.
All alike in some ways, different in so many.
But still a lot, some observe.
Yet the mother is one, really.
Because all, without exception, between parents and children on both sides of a window made of relaxing dreams and childhood chasms share the same mother.
Read as the lady who should not have any family.
Let alone children.
No mom.
Only the mother.
The fear.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Interracial children's story video for kids

Stories and News No. 655

Please, may I have your attention?
I will tell you a story, the story of a mask.
I present myself: my name is Sunset. Yes, that magic between day and night moment, that fascinating and uncertain, full of mystery instant...
I was born in that time. My parents in front of a wonderful sunset conceived me too.
My father was Darkness and my mother Light and although they were different like day and night, although sunset was the only possible moment to meet each other, they had no problem to marry, live and love just in that unique and beautiful time.
However I would not tell you about my special parents. I would speak about me, if you will be so nice to listen my story.
Since I was a baby first difficulties came up when I saw that my mother Light had, and still has, a right for her world, where everything is clear: the day world, the lightness of things world.
The world where white and lucid skin's, delicate face's and thin lips' people live.
I call them "The day creatures".
This was the world which my parents offered me.
But inside that world, thanks to the night, my father Darkness has got his natural place too: the unknown and mysterious things reign. The people with dark skin's reign.
People that I call "The night creatures".
But what about Sunset? Where is my place? When does my time will come? Believe me, it's not easy to be born right in the middle.
Pale day creatures, since my life beginning, talk to me like this:
"You weren't born in this country. Where do you really come from? You speak like us, but there is something strange in you...
"It's a long time that you live here, with us? How is your country?"
My country! Which is? I don't want countries! The entire world or nothing...
The particular fact is that meeting brown night creatures was not a so different experience.
"Hi, brother! Yes, you're quite black... but, where do you come from? You don't talk like us. This is a very serious thing. And then, there is something too white in you..."
Too dark for whites and too clear for blacks.
Sometimes it could be a problem, but, when I am here, writing about my dreams, oh, I know that there are a lot of people walking on this rope, more than I can hope...

Storytelling from Sunset (1998) by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher. Some of the story was published as children book by Lapis Editions in 2002 (Rights expired) and in 2003 was selected by the International Youth Library (IYL), in Munich, Germany, for the White Ravens, a mention for books from around the world that they consider to be especially noteworthy.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Death Penalty story of blessed shortages

Stories and News No. 654

It happens in the USA that two executions are postponed because of an essential shortage.
I am referring to the lethal drug to be injected into the veins of the condemned.
So, here is the story of the blessed shortages...

I was thinking, in the meantime.
I was thinking about the fact that in a few moments, better of grueling fights to abolish an inhumane remedy to many abominable acts, there is a mere absence.
Rather than a deafening full of crowded squares, real or virtual, with petitions and slogans, progressive commercials and demanding songs.
And just thinking about the paradox of civil battles, here I discovered this was not the only miracle, but parent of a succession of unexpected surprises.
The boy, who in other billion occasions would spread into the air like corianders in the wind, due to a wrong foot on the explosive flower donated by liberator soldiers, was saved.
Yes, mine did not explode and he was saved.
Because of shortage of courage in the fate, unable to be shameful once again.
Well, a second later the miracle hesitation was repeated.
A slap or a punch.
A painful blow, where the adjective never regards the bad action’s accountable.
A man and his woman.
Read it as the most abused pronoun in recent years to justify another far worse.
Of abuse.
But the story changed, at least for her.
Because a man lacked his power instantly.
Shortage of brute force, our story says, and she lived happily forever.
Well, she survived, but it was extraordinary anyway.
You know? The magic continued.
For a whole family, for him and for her, for theirs.
And for those who will come from the latter.
A shortage of voice, when one of the many chief of this world was about to declare the end of a dream called job for dad or mom.
I'm sorry, but that is the crisis, we had to make cuts, these are difficult moments, you'll see, you will find something.
You're good, yes, you are.
Perfect speech prepared to be born already dead.
That is, the fairest murder of nature, when the victim are words that really kill, forget the pen and the sword.
You're fired, yes you are.
Shortage of voice and the family was saved.
I am thinking, right now, that luck should act just like that, being more effective than a thousand prayers.
Removing, rather than giving.
On the other hand, it was so far before our eyes.
One cruel weapon without bullets does much less harm than a hundred guns against the former’s fire, as loads of good intentions...

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dead children of war video 100 reasons not to die

Stories and News No. 653


One hundred reasons not to die as children

1. Because I don’t want to die.
2. Because despite being poor, I am glad to be born.
3. Because when I laugh my mother seems less sad.
4. Because tomorrow is my birthday.
5. Because it was yesterday and I have not celebrated, but my dad has promised that next year will be different.
6. Because I make funny faces better than all my brothers.
7. Because I believe that one day I will run faster than Bolt.
8. Because last night I had a dream and I would do it again the next.
9. Because I have not yet learned how to talk, but when it will happen I will have a lot of things to say.
10. Because I have never seen the sea, and they told me it's beautiful.
11. Because when I’ll grow up I'm gonna be strong like Cristiano Ronaldo
12. Because if Obama became President of the United States, I have a few chances here too.
13. Because if I die, I want it to happen for a more important reason.
14. Because I never gave a real kiss to anyone.
15. Because before I die I want to… how do they call it? Make love, at least once.
16. Because when I'm cold I go to sleep in the middle of my parents and it is gorgeous.
17. Because so far I've only drank milk and I'd love to know what wine tastes.
18. Because yesterday I twisted my ankle and today I could not play the game.
19. Because without me how will my father make survive his name ?
20. Because my grandfather told me I look like him.
21. Because one day I'll give a nice gift to the teacher.
22. Because one day she will do the same for me.
23. Because I have not learned to swim.
24. Because I only count to ten and I miss eleven, twelve, thirteen...
25. Because I’m good at coloring trees.
26. Because I've finally figured out what the moon is.
27. Because yesterday Mom and Dad have made peace.
28. Because my uncle is nice.
29. Because when I wake up in the morning I'm hungry but I can still smile.
30. Because I know that the world is big.
31. Because tomorrow I will be higher than today.
32. Because I see very well.
33. Because I swore that I kill no more ants.
34. Because mom has only me.
35. Because I'm afraid that there is no heaven.
36. Because I know it's there, but I'd like to stay here a little longer.
37. Because now I can wink.
38. Because my classmate gave me a kiss on the cheek.
39. Because one day I'll give it to her.
40. Because I don’t know what person I will be, but surely I will be rich and happy.
41. Because I made a hole and I forgot to cover it.
42. Because I have to apologize to my brother.
43. Because my father said he has a surprise for me.
44. Because when I close my eyes I only see wonders.
45. Because I like to listen to stories.
46. Because I’m beautiful.
47. Because I want to dance all my life.
48. Because yesterday we don’t eat but today we’ll do.
49. Because I dropped my first tooth.
50. Because the fever has passed.
51. Because grandma told me that there are whales in the ocean.
52. Because I'm Batman but don’t tell anyone.
53. Because I am stronger than Batman and even that don’t say it.
54. Because my skin is still smooth and soft like the petals of a flower.
55. Because I am not afraid of the dark.
56. Because I love animals.
57. Because I love them all, except for the mosquitoes.
58. Because I cough but I will be better soon.
59. Because I hit the ball harder than my older brother.
60. Because I have a good voice, my cousin also told it, he’s an expert.
61. Because I can do the bubbles with saliva.
62. Because I will no more get fingers in the nose, I promise.
63. Because yesterday I said a bad word, but it ran away.
64. Because I climbed the tree and my brother said that I would not have succeeded.
65. Because I tease but only when I slept badly.
66. Because I cry often but that's because I cannot say more.
67. Because I brush my teeth every night, even when there is no toothpaste.
68. Because on Saturday I'll go to the cinema.
69. Because I did eight jumps.
70. Because one day I'll be a writer.
71. Because I 'll be a doctor instead.
72. Because then I 'll be a lawyer.
73. Because I 'll just be as beautiful as my mother.
74. Because I will look like my father who is not beautiful, but he is honest.
75. Because they told me I dribble like Lionel Messi.
76. Because I have to bring my dog to pee.
77. Because when I look in the mirror I always smile.
78. Because I like to listen to music.
79. Because I don’t remember the name of that city but one day I'll go there.
80. Because the river was cold today and we could not swim.
81. Because my brother is dead and my parents don’t want to lose me too.
82. Because when I play with my sister we almost never argue.
83. Because I still don’t have muscles like dad but I'm training.
84. Because yesterday I combed my hair as my mother and she cried for the joy.
85. Because then I laughed and she stopped even happier than before.
86. Because one day I'll have a beard like daddy.
87. Because my grandfather is old and needs me.
88. Because one day I go back to school, when they will rebuild it.
89. Because I wrote my name in the rice grains.
90. Because my sister ate them but I have not been angry.
91. Because sometimes I'm sad, but it passes quickly.
92. Because I've done a few things and I remember them all.
93. Because I don’t like tea but I drink the same and my mother is happy.
94. Because I like ice cream, just a taste.
95. Because I am eight years old.
96. Because I am even less.
97. Because I don’t know how old I am, but it is not so much.
98. Because I feel alive.
99. Because I am alive.
100. Because I have a whole life ahead…
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Innocent person death penalty story: Glenn Ford still free and black

Stories and News No. 652

According to a study released in 2003 by the University of Maryland concluded that race, along with geography, is an important factor in death penalty decisions. Prosecutors are more likely to seek the death penalty when the race of the victim is white and less likely when the race of the victim is African-American.

His name is Glenn Ford and he is 64 years old.
No, he’s not the actor, who died long ago.
He is the other.
The other famous guy, today.
He has something in common with him, though.
He is a free man.
But it was not always so.
Nevertheless, he’s back now, 2014 United States of America.
And he is black.

His name is Glenn and he has come to light in 1950.
He was born so, black.
In 1950, schools, public places, buses and trains were still split in half by an idiot in the form of invisible wall.
Whites on one side and black on the other.
The other part of this world has never been the best one.
America was no exception.
No doubt about it.
Despite this, he was used to it.
There was no alternative to survive in the shadow of the so-called land of opportunity.

On November 5, 1983 his history changed forever.
As well as that of Isadore Rozeman, the watchmaker who was murdered during a robbery in his shop in Shreveport.
It was the end of something for both.
Something that will never come back, traces on a yellowed by time photo.
Time, the only infallible judge, in fact.
Bad luck.
Horrible fate.
To be there on the worst day and in the wrong place.
As to be born.

A fraction of a second, that's enough to clear an innocent person from history.
Isadore Rozeman, watchmaker.
Three years to do the same with Glenn.
Mr. Ford, you are under arrest, 1983.
Mr. Ford, plead guilty, 1984.
Mr. Ford, you will imprisoned in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, 1985.
Until the day you will be killed, legally and rightfully.
By the State.
Before that, you will meditate on your real guilt.
Or unfortunate coincidence.
Being black in front of a jury of whites.
With a white victim on the table.
And a culprit to blame.

His name is Glenn Ford and today he’s 64 years old.
And although innocent and free, he is still black.
I really hope that all this time something has really changed in his country.
And so in the world...

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Most expensive cities in the world to live 2014 depend on you

Stories and News No. 650

I just read the top ten list of the most expensive towns to live.

Singapore leads the ranking, followed by Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney, a group tied made by Caracas, Geneva, Tokyo and Melbourne and the at tenth there is Copenhagen.
On the other hand, in my humble opinion, it all depends on who you are.
Or, speaking of money, if you're a billionaire does not make so much difference where you live, as well as penniless or unemployed people could find hard life everywhere.
However, not only money is what moves human lives, isn’t it?

Lisa is an inveterate dreamer and the most expensive city for her is the richest of illusions town, where instead Andrew found an easier life, because he did not dream even when he had every right to do it, let alone when he realized that it has a cost.
Speaking of cost, the most expensive city for George, fanatic of the present moment, is the most hectic town, where everyone runs and nobody has time for the time.
Only the for the clock that promises something beautiful in the next second.
Where Jennifer sleeps happily like a little girl who admires her favorite toy.
Never what she has in hand, always what she will have later.
And later.
Paul, poor fellow, wants to write children's stories and lives in the most expensive city in the world for people like him.
The town of the jump with eyes closed, so they call it.
From childhood to adulthood, directly, without passing through magic.
Read the latter as the much underrated adolescence.
However, in the same country Audrey has become the queen.
A sovereign who pretends to talk every day with the infant she was, unaware of having lost the essential stations, traveling on the train of life.
Those in which someone distributed a dictionary to really understand it.
The words to tell it.
The very underrated youth.
John has a gift: he looks into the eyes of others when is listening to them.
Whoever they are.
Nothing special, you say?
Well, he does that all the time you need.
Ever normal?
When you ended the speech, he is not hurry to speak and stays there, in your eyes, waiting for the rest to come out.
The fundamental rest.
And he does it all the time you need.
Now, I assume you understand the uniqueness of the man, but unluckily he lives in the most expensive place in the world for the super heroes of listening: the town of the eternally connected.
With Iphone at the edge of the supernatural or merely pathetic smartphone with serial applications, crowded social network or not social chat with very difficult to pronounce nicknames, with anything except that makes him unique.
So much underrated eyes.
Of course, for such an unfortunate guy, there are so many people in the same city, full of friends they don’t know what to do with.
It is not easy, but I think the real fortune remains to find something or someone that, in any city you are, remains the same.
I think, maybe, it has something to do with love.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

World Wildlife Day 2014 celebrated in reverse

Stories and News No. 649

Today is the first World Wildlife Day, an event dedicated to the wild flora and fauna.
Imagine to celebrate it in reverse.
Consequently, the celebrated ones and the celebrants would be upturned...

We know this is not easy.
It never is.
We have our problems, and nature repeat it every day.
Reminding us where we are.
Who we are.
And who can hurt us with impunity.
Every moment of our negligible existence.
Even without realizing what they did.
Unaware they had killed.
Or even tortured.
Yet here we are, on this day, to say that they too are living creatures.
They also have the right to live on this planet.
They too are here to survive, not to live.
Because the mere existence has never been the purpose of all.
Remaining is.
Like all of us, anyway.
We know, it is not understandable.
Much of what we see on the other side of the river shows how it is absurd from every point of view.
Even they know.
But who of us could claim the right to decide which action really does have a meaning and which not?
And who among them could so much, despite some claim otherwise?
We know, anyone of us thought about it.
At least once in our life.
Let's face it, in this sacred day.
Destroy them all.
Let's get rid of this stupid cancer.
With a deadly virus, a plague of rats or spiders.
A huge herd of buffalo that runs from one meridian to another.
A flick of the tail by a thousand whales, all together to create the perfect tsunami. Really perfect, and not just on time with the poor people of the less fortunate lands.
Enough with the perfect creature, enough with wars.
Stop injustice.
And stop the violence on helpless.
Enough with the abuse of the innocent.
And most importantly, enough with the useless and crazy overrated love for hate.
One against the other.
Read it how their favorite dance.
We know, don’t think we do not know.
That after this festive day, things could be even worse.
This is the nature, dear sisters.
That too is, dear brothers.
But if we will still be here tomorrow at dawn, we will thank our mothers and our fathers.
And we'll make love with nature as we have always done: with immense respect.
So much so we still have for them.
The humans...

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