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Earth Hour Day 2014 according to Daubentonia madagascariensis

Stories and News No. 658

Saturday, March 29 will be the eighth Earth Hour Day, an event organized by WWF to raise awareness about the global warming problem.
In particular, it aims to increase energy savings, since the organizers consider it accountable for the high temperature of the planet, inviting participants to turn off the lights at a specific time of the day.
However, if the fate of the planet is at stake and if we speak about Earth Hour, I think we must give space to the point of view of those who have less attention than us.
Indeed, not having any guilt about what is happening, they should have more...

Aye - Aye.
This is my common name.
Daubentonia madagascariensis, for the record.
The Slow, for friends.
No hard feelings, that’s clear.
I'm slow, I'm not ashamed.
I always have been.
Last to arrive.
And last to enter.
Last to go up.
And, above all, the last to understand, that’s clear.
That’s why I hope you will be lenient if understanding you will be hard to me.
I reach a right idea of my parents ever after, let alone those who will always be the aliens to us, that’s clear.
The true extraterrestrials, that’s what you are.
You are our Martians, but that's another story.
It’s the fact that you will turn off the light all together, but not really all. Just all those who agree with it, that’s clear.
Or that’s not, to me, in the sense that I don’t see the point.
Anyway, sorry for the umpteenth repetition.
It’s because of my slowness, that’s clear.
I'm so slow, so slow that I forget I have already used an expression recently, even in the same sentence.
As you may have guessed, it often happens with that’s clear.
The psychologist told me that it must be because I am nocturnal and also because that’s clear are so strange words to me.
I don’t quite understand what they mean.
The day I sleep, that’s clear.
Except when I go to the psychologist, who receives only in the morning, because the night is already following a hysterical family of bats, all cracked.
I see you sleepy, today, he says at the beginning of each session. Should I change your medications?
He’s a genius. Maybe I have to change the shrink, not the drugs.
Anyway, I would like to get to the point of the story, that’s clear.
Forgive me if I get here only now.
I told you I 'm slow, right?
So, the fact of turning off the light seems to me a good thing.
That is, if you care about earth temperature seems to me a good thing.
Actually, no. It seems logical.
What I cannot understand is why you need to do it again the following year.
That’s clear, I made some assumptions.
I am slow, not stupid.
For me they are basically two.
Or there are still so many people among you who, if the earth is hot, don’t feel it at all.
Or they are very few, but they are the only ones who can really change things.
Well, but you should turn off the light to them, every light.
I want to see then if they do not care.
That’s seems perfectly clear to me.

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