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World Wildlife Day 2014 celebrated in reverse

Stories and News No. 649

Today is the first World Wildlife Day, an event dedicated to the wild flora and fauna.
Imagine to celebrate it in reverse.
Consequently, the celebrated ones and the celebrants would be upturned...

We know this is not easy.
It never is.
We have our problems, and nature repeat it every day.
Reminding us where we are.
Who we are.
And who can hurt us with impunity.
Every moment of our negligible existence.
Even without realizing what they did.
Unaware they had killed.
Or even tortured.
Yet here we are, on this day, to say that they too are living creatures.
They also have the right to live on this planet.
They too are here to survive, not to live.
Because the mere existence has never been the purpose of all.
Remaining is.
Like all of us, anyway.
We know, it is not understandable.
Much of what we see on the other side of the river shows how it is absurd from every point of view.
Even they know.
But who of us could claim the right to decide which action really does have a meaning and which not?
And who among them could so much, despite some claim otherwise?
We know, anyone of us thought about it.
At least once in our life.
Let's face it, in this sacred day.
Destroy them all.
Let's get rid of this stupid cancer.
With a deadly virus, a plague of rats or spiders.
A huge herd of buffalo that runs from one meridian to another.
A flick of the tail by a thousand whales, all together to create the perfect tsunami. Really perfect, and not just on time with the poor people of the less fortunate lands.
Enough with the perfect creature, enough with wars.
Stop injustice.
And stop the violence on helpless.
Enough with the abuse of the innocent.
And most importantly, enough with the useless and crazy overrated love for hate.
One against the other.
Read it how their favorite dance.
We know, don’t think we do not know.
That after this festive day, things could be even worse.
This is the nature, dear sisters.
That too is, dear brothers.
But if we will still be here tomorrow at dawn, we will thank our mothers and our fathers.
And we'll make love with nature as we have always done: with immense respect.
So much so we still have for them.
The humans...

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