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Death row execution lethal injection 43 minutes story

Stories and News No. 664 In the U.S. penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma, a man sentenced to death by lethal injection unexpectedly woke up and after long minutes of terrible suffering he died shouting from cardiac arrest . We are in every story. In ours, it is obvious. In those who we love live. Equally obvious. In the affairs of those who we dream and admire. Yes, we are also present there. As unexpected protagonists. Because without us they would not have any reason to exist. Privileged lives in the firmament of human divinity. Very human, to be honest. We are also in the stories of the people who take advantage of us. Making money on our blindness. They see it better when we raise our head, but this happens every day that passes less frequently. Read as the much underrated last resort of unwitting slaves. In short, revolution. We are therefore in all the stories. Even those who we consider incredibly alien to us. It is so as well if we ignore them. Imagine if we

Gay marriage in Italy: the forward escape

Stories and News No. 663 Following Grosseto’s Mayor decision to approve judging Court’s resolution about the transcript of a same sex marriage, the Italian Episcopal Conference has declared : "Marriage is the union between a man and a woman, who come stable together in a public form, with an openness to life and education of children. The attempt to deny this reality through the Courts is a jerk, a dangerous forward escape ... " That’s dedicated to all the fugitives of this world . Here we are. Honestly, we were here. Invisible to most people, as the essence of our lives. The spontaneous feeling like the suddenly color. But this doesn’t mean we do not exist. That we cannot suffer. Running, only running you might understand. Seeing really. What to be us means. Us, open eyelids forever. With gaze perennially beyond what the eye shows. Innocent witness to the mediocre reality. Straight legs, the never relaxed muscles. The arms in defense of what remains. Shak

Journalist killed in Afghanistan: Anja Niedringhaus missing photos

Stories and News No. 661 The German journalist of the Associated Press, Anja Niedringhaus , 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Photography, was killed in Afghanistan. In recent years, the woman brought her camera in many places where war and internal strife have left behind suffering and poverty. From Afghanistan to Iraq, from the Gaza Strip to Israel, from Pakistan to Turkey. These words are for her… Yes, they are important. They must be viewed with care. Taking all the time. Because between aggressors and offended there is always space. Sufficient space to do something. Even putting an end to the carnage. However, to do so we need to understand. We need to see. Well, run, Anja, run and shoot. Actually, no. Stand still where you are, very still. Because this time needs a steady hand. Or maybe because sometimes deserving attention life comes to you. Does it sound easy, telling so, right? It is not. It's never easy to be found in your house, where the truth

Illegal immigration what is it really video

Stories and News No. 660 What is illegal immigration? Really. When I enter a country illegally, I make a criminal action. I'm guilty. That’s what the law said. I was wrong. I did something unacceptable. That should not be made. It should be punished. I have to be punished. A reminder to me and the others. So that the guilty action will never be made again. I am not ironic or sarcastic, there is no hidden implication in my words. I am convinced. But... Let's be honest, come on. Image that I were a supermodel with blue eyes and blonde, brunette or red but also with important measures. Watch me now passing the borders illegally. Come one, you would find a paper for me. A paper? I would suddenly be in some movie or music video strictly half-naked. And if by chance I could arrive with my boat on the shores of your coast and at the same time I could prove to be special at sports, you will be soon able to accept me. Read it as the paradox of the sport clandesti

Third gender story of the minor anecdotes

Stories and News No. 659 The news comes from Australia. As you can read on Internet today, Norrie’s request was granted by the High Court, while it was denied by the registrar. The right not to have any reference to his gender on the identity papers. Norrie was born male, after became de facto female, until reaching the recent conquest. Neutral. So, here is the minor anecdotes' story… Once upon a time there was a man . Actually, no. A woman . Or maybe I'm wrong again? Okay, that is not essential in the story. I go on. Once upon a time there was someone . There was... If I say was , though it is common way, could mean that someone is no longer alive now. How should I know it? How could I be sure about this? I have no idea how the story will finish. If I knew, what fun would I have telling it? So, from the beginning. Once upon a time there is someone . Once? Why limit myself already in the incipit? It is not wise, indeed, it is not forward-looking. It