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Illegal immigration what is it really video

Stories and News No. 660

What is illegal immigration?
When I enter a country illegally, I make a criminal action.
I'm guilty.
That’s what the law said.
I was wrong.
I did something unacceptable.
That should not be made.
It should be punished.
I have to be punished.
A reminder to me and the others.
So that the guilty action will never be made again.
I am not ironic or sarcastic, there is no hidden implication in my words.
I am convinced.
Let's be honest, come on.
Image that I were a supermodel with blue eyes and blonde, brunette or red but also with important measures. Watch me now passing the borders illegally.
Come one, you would find a paper for me.
A paper? I would suddenly be in some movie or music video strictly half-naked.
And if by chance I could arrive with my boat on the shores of your coast and at the same time I could prove to be special at sports, you will be soon able to accept me.
Read it as the paradox of the sport clandestine.
If then, I would arrive without any paper, but being an oil sheik decided to invest my money in your country, who would dare to report me at the police station?
That is the same for the Chinese entrepreneur or the Russian business man.
I could go on, but I guess it's clear where this is going.
If I am an illegal immigrant…
I'm guilty.
Because I went illegally in a foreign country.
But my real guilt is another one, right?
I apologize for this.
Forgive me if at the moment I can only offer my poverty.
Because when you complain about me, I know that this is what offends you.
My poverty.
If only I had been born less poor...

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