Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stories about life: Fattest man in the world Manuel Uribe

Stories and News No. 671

Manuel Uribe is dead.
The fattest man in the world, that’s how he was known.
And so he will be remembered.
Because that’s exactly the way his departure is told.
By newspapers and television.
For his weight, his 597 kg (1,316 lb).
The weight…
How important the balance of life is.
But Manuel, like all of us, was not just that.
Because we are not only made of full things.
Of filled and saturated.
More or less harmonized dowels in a most often far harmonious body.
There is also something else that's worth.
Between one kilo and the other.
Between the skin and its overvalued colors.
Among the forms and its undervalued imperfections.
Yes, we are too that.
We are also a number of absences.
And I'm not referring to the certainly important space that Manuel has left closing his story on this earth.
I refer to the gaps that were part of him.
Invisible and elusive ones.
But not meaningless.
What I mean?
Pauses, all the pauses between one speech and another.
Every time he was going to say the wrong thing but he contracted his lips a second before.
And even if it would have not been at all.
Read as well as the deafening fairness of unspoken words.
The people he would have next him along the way.
That kind of coveted ghosts and regrets.
Who at the same time were also real lives.
Somewhere, more or less distant.
And nearby.
The cities that Manuel could not visit.
All the beauties of the world that he has failed to admire.
That did not prevent him to create in the mind, for them and only for them, a decent room.
An empty one.
As the missing images in all eventualities he closed his eyes.
For shyness.
And for fear.
Or even just for mere fatigue.
Manuel Uribe has gone.
The fattest man in the world is no more here.
I could say that he has left a void, but, as I hope it is now clear, I would be wrong.
He has left countless blanks.
And as it is true for each one of us.
It's up to those who remain to fill them...

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bullfight bull wins after three matadors gored video story

Stories and News No. 670

Bullfight suspended in Madrid: the bull defeated three matadors.
The bull wins...

Paradoxical and unbelievable, exceptional and rare.
Almost impossible, probably fake.
These are the stories where the others win.
Those who, in the tale told by the peaks of the world, must lose.

However, when an unexpected event that lurks in the dreams of lives predestined to an inglorious end transcends all boundaries and invades the real screen, well, it means a light for many.
Food for hopes and fuel for do it yourself angels.
Read as well as the designers of selfish wings.
So, let’s take a look.
Let's read what the lit loser wrote in his diary.

The so called different people in the world dodge yet another insult, like Neo does in Matrix with bullets.
Beating the tiny eye of equally little skull.
Making him feel different as well he is.
From being a worthy human being.

The last creature, commonly known as animals, destined to disappear suddenly become larger, even larger, so large to make the hated destroyer negligible as an adjective in a wonderful adventure story.
Where it is not so important to describe things.
It’s enough to read it and the heart will do the rest.

The slaves, all slaves in the world, wherever they are locked up, now, at this very moment, perhaps not very far away from you that are listening, will disappear.
They will fade away, as if they never existed.
Here, now.
But this does not mean that they not are alive and free somewhere else.
We just do not say it here, so that no one will ever be able to imprison them again.

And so on, from land to land, from light to light, the unexpected story will land to donate light up secret desires.
Come on, out there, it seems to whisper.
Get up.
You can still win...

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oldest cat in the world Guinness book of missed records

Stories and News No. 669

According to the updated Guinness Book of Records, the 24 years old female cat Poppy is officially the oldest in the world.
This whole thing of records makes me wish to tell another Guinness story.
Of missed records...

Take the big book, about Guinness with a capital G.
The amazing images and exceptional videos.
All that inevitably viral stuff, able to invade every virtual window, from the PC to the tablet and smartphone.
Put everything aside, just the time of a page.
This one.
Imagine a world.
An entire planet in a book.
Actually, no. The worthy records deserve a real book.
I am referring to a measly little one, a modest thing, one of those paperback you may find abandoned on the dusty floor of the waiting room of an old station.
And I'm not talking about the result of a virtuous book-crossing.
This book is seriously left by accident.
Because that’s the only way you could find it.
Anyway, it has record too.
It is the shortest book in the world.
One page, the only child of unknown parents.
Yes, this page.
Or confusing list.
You won’t read about the oldest cat in the world, here, but the youngest.
So young that he has yet to be born.
It is not sure this will happen, in fact, it is very unlikely.
And he is anything but special, believe me.
However it is precisely for this reason that you will find him here.
Because suddenly and with little effort, he becomes real.
Or special.
Read as the naive presumption of orphaned pages.
However, the cat is not alone here.
There is also the world's slowest child.
So slow, so slow that when he’ll get to the finish line all will be over.
Shows and wars, election campaigns and the world championships.
All festivals and parties in the square.
At an invisible speed he will reach the end of the run and will start laughing with joy.
Because everything will be passed.
From that moment on, things can only get better, right?
Above all, his friend, the youngest cat in the world will enjoy the benefits, so he has yet to be born.
Before the end of the page you will find the clumsiest woman on earth.
A young lady of unspeakable awkwardness.
Just think that can break something even in a completely empty room.
But she has a secret.
As those princesses imprisoned by a spell, there is a way to make her an amazing ballerina.
Which one?
Reading the page that hosts her.
Aloud, whispering or even in mind.
She will appreciate anyway.
Because the hidden dream of all missed record was never arriving first.
They just need to know that also who will not race for the victory can hope to steal people’s eyes.
Just for a little.
As one page.
This one…

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Turkey mine disaster video the below lives story

Stories and News No. 668

Near the Soma district, in the north of Turkey, an explosion caused the death of at least 234 people, including Kemal Yildiz, who was only fifteen years old.
Two thousand meters deep hundreds are still trapped.
Unfortunately for them, these are the only times when we remind those people…

The below lives.
This is our job.
That is our responsibility.
Because this is the light that remains, to the rest of us.
The only horizon granted.
Because there the possible existence stands, between the better lines.
Because there our jewel lies.
A gem called survival.

The people of the dark.
Human ghosts for the crowded squares on Sunday morning.
And for the streets of downtown clogged with onlookers at the windows.
Read as the unsuspecting dance of wasted fortunes.
We are also harmless vampires that suck one blood type.
Our own, unlike many other monstrosities.
And we are them too, the real zombies.
Creatures on one single dimension movie.
That’s what remains outside of the screen.

The heroes in the white.
Exactly, contradicting the previous one.
Strengthening it, paradoxically.
Because this is what we are.
People of the dark invisible heroes of the ignored space.
That is, the white between chapter and chapter.
Among paragraph and paragraph.
Between verses and chorus of a deaf song.
Unable to hear the melody, let alone the noise.
That comes from below.

Here we are again, the below lives.
We earn the dignity of existence giving all.
The perfect sacrifice.
The spectacular action.
And the moving scene.
All in the same frame.
Blessed or cursed explosion.
The only way we have to remind the world.
That below.
There is life.
Not only death...

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Monday, May 12, 2014

High school student graduates by her dying mother video story

Stories and News No. 667

In the U.S. a student named Megan Sugg received her diploma near her mother, who was dying from cancer.
The latter died a few days later.
These are the words which I guess she could have written for her daughter...

One for all.
So we'll call it.
The best and the only one.
The moment that will contain all of them.
Narrowed, embraced, like us.

Look, they are really here, open your eyes, seriously.
Delete the unnecessary tears, there will be time to cry, it always arrives.
Look at how many wonders can enter a pupil who loves.

The day you will dance with the man who deserves the next ball.
The second before the music starts to become the main protagonist.
And that one you will hate more than all.
Read as the Achilles' heel of the perfect songs.
They have an end.
Just in that beautiful time they end.

Just like me.
But that’s not true for us.
Because despite I have an expiration date and the same is for you, we together can do magic.
The proof is you, the proof is me.
And what this joy will be able to show.

The day you will choose how to earn your bread and your estimation.
Nourishing as the overrated stomach as the abused heart.
When you will be proud to see what role you chose to be an active part of the world.
And the day when I will become me.
Mother and daughter.
Read also without fear as a daughter will be a mother.
Because when a life is gone there is always another one that comes along.
Sooner or later.

The day you will open the door of your house and all those you'll make it truly yours, with colors and shapes.
More than ever with the everyday emotions.
Small joys and sufferings.
Still life.

Everything is here, now.
In one of all.
The only one.
The moment to remember.
Time that you will remember.
Not forgetting that we are forever…

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tallest girl in the world gets married the lowest guy video storytelling

Stories and News No. 666

I read that the tallest girl in the world, the Brazilian Elisany Silva da Cruz, 6 feet 9 inches, will marry her boyfriend, Francinaldo da Silva.
Who is not tall at all...

It will be a great party.
One of those to really remember.

It will not be for the celebrated couple.
Although they are worthy of best magazine covers.
The highest and the lowest.
Abducted pictures more or less with impunity.
No, that day other stuff will gain light.
Because otherwise, what fun you would find that day watching things you’ve already seen?
A beautiful wedding, of course.
Nothing new, from this point of view.
In the formulas of the ritual, as in traditional habits.

Yet it will remain in the eye.
The one enough big to hold the dreams.

It will not be for gifts.
There will be, of course.
It's the day that, by good fortune, should be recollected as unique.
The only one.
Introducing yourself with poor gifts would be a crime.
Showing up empty-handed, it would be even worse.
Do not coming at all, but sending something anyway would be the most terrible of sins.
Because when will you have such a wedding?

A day that you would like everlasting.
Or at least enough to take away a fragment in the heart.

It will not be because of the abundance of food.
Sure, it will be sufficient.
To remove appetite and above all capable of the maximum result.
Read as closing the mouth of the most talkative guy at the table.
The desserts will leave you breathless and the drinks will make drunk even the soul prisoners, in body and emotions.
I assure you, they will dance, crazily dance.
Nevertheless, we are still off the road.
On the other hand, weddings and not all the same, but it is always a special event.
However, this one will not be transcribed in the common memory for the extraordinary nature of the married, nor for the wonder of the gifts and even less for the tastiness of food.

Because when the tallest girl marries the low man the magic is in the words.
The tallest and lowest.
Poorest and richest.
Most beautiful and ugliest.
And so on.
It means that everyone can love everyone.
And all the best is still possible...

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nigerian girls abducted video letter to Boko Haram

Stories and News No. 665

A video starring a leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has shaken the international public opinion. He claims to have kidnapped about 300 girls (at the moment it seems 223, since fifty seem to have fled ), threatening to sell them as slaves…

Mr. Shekau,
Although any letter deserves it, I omit the dear.
I think you will agree it is not appropriate, this time.
In fact, the reasons that lead me to write you regard the words.
Those who deserve the space of a page.
This one.
Eyes observing joys and tragedies, albeit at varying distances.
Mind and heart of those who have one choice ahead.
You and your companions.
That’s why, if I intend to privilege the only words worthy of the name, I am going now to get rid of unnecessary ones.
There was never a more appropriate verb.
You see, in the message of your video, gone viral these days, it seems you called the girls as slaves.
If you allow me, you are totally wrong.
They are not slaves at all and never will be, unless they want to.
I know this is trivial, but the real absurdity is that on this planet there are still people not understanding it.
Abubakar, you kidnapped their bodies, not the girls.
Not what they really are.
Read as the true nature of the breath.
The life of those young people, precisely because of your clip, is now everywhere.
It’s here, at this very moment, in this modest space as in the thoughts of the most talented creatures in the world.
The existence of those girls is also next to you, hovering around the captors.
Inevitably free.
You are the prisoners and the slaves, sir.
You and your gang.
Because it takes a mind that is incredibly devoid of even the most slender living space, inside and out, believing to may lock up so much vital energy.
Countless earned and stolen hopes built up over time.
Hidden dreams and projects revealed to trusty ears.
Loves and sorrows.
Written and narrated stories.
The most naïve mistake would then be bringing up a god to justify the stupidity.
The paradox, Abubakar, is that those girls have an ocean of possibilities.
It’s you to have just one road ahead.
It leads back behind you.
Walking on your very footprints.
In short, going back to a second before making yet another foolish gesture.
Otherwise, you and you friends will not find place in this life, and everywhere else where to get rid of them.
The girls who are everything.
Except for 'slaves'...

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