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High school student graduates by her dying mother video story

Stories and News No. 667

In the U.S. a student named Megan Sugg received her diploma near her mother, who was dying from cancer.
The latter died a few days later.
These are the words which I guess she could have written for her daughter...

One for all.
So we'll call it.
The best and the only one.
The moment that will contain all of them.
Narrowed, embraced, like us.

Look, they are really here, open your eyes, seriously.
Delete the unnecessary tears, there will be time to cry, it always arrives.
Look at how many wonders can enter a pupil who loves.

The day you will dance with the man who deserves the next ball.
The second before the music starts to become the main protagonist.
And that one you will hate more than all.
Read as the Achilles' heel of the perfect songs.
They have an end.
Just in that beautiful time they end.

Just like me.
But that’s not true for us.
Because despite I have an expiration date and the same is for you, we together can do magic.
The proof is you, the proof is me.
And what this joy will be able to show.

The day you will choose how to earn your bread and your estimation.
Nourishing as the overrated stomach as the abused heart.
When you will be proud to see what role you chose to be an active part of the world.
And the day when I will become me.
Mother and daughter.
Read also without fear as a daughter will be a mother.
Because when a life is gone there is always another one that comes along.
Sooner or later.

The day you will open the door of your house and all those you'll make it truly yours, with colors and shapes.
More than ever with the everyday emotions.
Small joys and sufferings.
Still life.

Everything is here, now.
In one of all.
The only one.
The moment to remember.
Time that you will remember.
Not forgetting that we are forever…

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